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Refuse To Be Ordinary Supergirl - Des Otte - Necromancy Cosmetica

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Necromancy Cosmetica Vegan Lipsticks Des Otte

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As most of our beloved readers know by now, we embrace uniqueness and individuality here on this site. We recently decided to take a moment to recognize some creative, unique women who inspire us to continue loving, and being, who we are.

The very first lady we chose to celebrate is Des-creator of Necromancy Cosmetica.
We heart Des, and not just for her luscious lips(tick)! We admire her mission to sell amazing cosmetics that have never been tested on animals and contain all-vegan ingredients, and we cherish her determination and adoration for her business, products, and customers.

Most of all, we love everything that makes her Des: her passion for animal’s rights, her veganism, her style, and her warm, compassionate, good-natured, devoted, and witty personality.
Her love for all things morbid and creepy is right up our cemetery, too!

We wanted to get inside Des’s beautifully unique and inspirational mind, so we rattled her crypt door, requesting an interview. She graciously accepted, and allowed us a peek at the organs of her Necromancy Cosmetica brand. These are some of the things we were dying to know about Des and her creepy cosmetic line!
Necromancy Cosmetica Vegan Lipsticks Des Otte
Des is wearing Neptune's Child septum ring and Bliss nose ring

A Little About Des

Pata Pata Jewelry: Do you have a favorite animal?
Des: Cats! All kinds of cats!

PPJ: Do you have a favorite food/dish (vegan, vegetarian, or other)?
D: I absolutely love pasta.

PPJ: At what age did you get your first tattoo? Which one is it?
D: I got my first tattoo at 16, and I had a cover-up when I was like 19. The cover-up is even worse *hahaha* I hate it! It's on my back; it used to be a lizard (I love Jim Morrison "The Lizard King").
But now, it's just a bunch of skulls that look terrible.

PPJ: What about your first piercing; what age and which one?
D: Well, my mom did my earlobe piercings when I was a baby. Then, when I was like 11, I got a second earlobe piercing. My face started getting pierced when I started College in 2004, and [I started with] the Labret. I don't have that one anymore.

PPJ: What were your parents’ first reactions to seeing your first tattoo and piercing?
D: My dad hates both piercings and tattoos, but my mom has always been really supportive of whatever I want to do with my body.

PPJ: What and who inspires you?
D: I'm very inspired by nature and what surrounds me, [as well as] music and magic.

PPJ: What does "refuse to be ordinary" means to you?
D: Dare to stand out and be the best version of you that you can be.

The What’s, Why’s, and How’s of Necromancy Cosmetica

PPJ: Can you recall the moment when you decided to establish your own brand?
D: I had just started dating Zal, about 3 years and a half years ago, and I told him about a "crazy" idea I had of creating a makeup brand. He instantly supported me, and we started working on it.

PPJ: What about yourself or your environment made you just “go for it?” What did it take?
D: I was sick of my job, [and] I was feeling so inspired by my love for makeup. I saw the opportunity I [needed] to create something that didn't exist here on the island. It turned out to be more accepted everywhere else in the world!

PPJ: Did a specific event inspire you to start your cosmetic line? Or was it your love and compassion for animals?
D: I've been dreaming of developing a makeup line since I was a kid and found [my] love for being chameleonic and playing with makeup. I also saw the need of vegan companies out there, so It was perfect timing.

PPJ: Why did you choose to make lipstick?
D: Lipstick is the most essential product when it comes to makeup. When you feel down, you pop a little lipstick on and it instantly makes you feel better. Lipstick is, to me, the best makeup product.

PPJ: From where do you get your inspiration for the lipstick color names?
D: It depends on whatever is on my mind at the moment and the things that surround me: music, witchcraft, magic, occultism, and beauty.

PPJ: Have you thought about making other cosmetic products?
D: Yes, we have. We'll be experimenting with other products very soon.

PPJ: How did you make your very first tube of lipstick? (process, tools, etc.). How do you make your lipsticks now?
D: I still use the same ingredients and materials, but I started with [only] a four-cavity lipstick mold, so I had to make the batches four at a time. Since we started, I've bought two 12-cavity molds, and [we] still have the four-cavity one. I also bought a three-roller mill, which is a machine that grinds the pigments together and makes the colors more even. I used to do it by hand, like you would mix cake batter. We’ve also changed our tubes. Now, they're designed by us; the first ones where generic ones, with a Necromancy engraving.

PPJ: Do you have a favorite shade of your lipstick?
D: I really love all the shades we carry, but I use Lesstrange the most.

PPJ: Was it difficult finding the right combo of cruelty-free ingredients to provide the same quality of lipstick that mainstream cosmetic companies make?
D: Actually, it wasn't. That makes me sad, because there's absolutely no need to use animal derived products, or to test them on animals for the final product to be incredible.

PPJ: What do you feel is the most positive result of making and selling cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics?
D: Being able to deliver a product that doesn't harm any living being for it to be amazing, being able to educate others about animal testing and animal abuse, not only in the cosmetic industry, but in the fashion and food industry, as well. We've [also] been able to help cats here in Puerto Rico and [raise awareness] about the importance of spaying and neutering, so overall it's an amazing opportunity to do more.

Necromancy Cosmetica Vegan Black Lipstick Des Otte

Des is wearing Indian Mystique septum ring and Bliss nose ring

PPJ: Have you had any negative feedback from people who oppose Veganism?
D: Not yet. I guess since it's cosmetics, no one really opposes it, but when it comes to food, it's a little more delicate.

PPJ: What was your greatest failure, or the one of which you are most proud, while managing Necromancy Cosmetica? How did you overcome it? What did it take; what qualities?
D: We had an issue where we didn't have merchandise for 6 months. That was devastating for us, because we had just quit our jobs to dedicate 100% of our time to Necromancy. We ran out of empty lipstick cases, so we had to look for another supplier, design a new case, and keep the hype up so that people would keep wanting our products. We took that opportunity to work on our social media, do some giveaways with other brands, and reformulate, so everything would be perfect for our comeback.

PPJ: What do you think are the most important characteristic/qualities that a business owner should have?
D: Business owners need to be responsible, caring, and patient.

PPJ: What is your big dream for Necromancy Cosmetica? Where do you see it 10 years from now?
D: I dream of having an amazing company with great products, and being able to start a non-profit organization for animals. I see Necromancy next to big indie brands that have inspired us since the beginning. My goal is to keep creating and keep helping animals until my last breath.

And, of Course…

PPJ: Can you tell us, in a few words, how it is working with your man, the amazing Zal? We admit, he seems like a bit of a superhero!
D: We make a hell of a team because he's really supportive, and he works his ass off just as much as I do. I believe we've gotten this far because of his love for what I do, and our desire to make things happen together as a team.

We Heart Des and Necromancy Cosmetica!

We said it earlier, but it bears repeating: we love Des, and her crypt-ic brand! Maybe we’re just a little biased, but we genuinely believe all of you will love Necromancy Cosmetica, too! Please, feel free to check out her amazing products here, and don't forget your special coupon.

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