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Naomi King And Pata Pata Jewelry Septum Rings Giveaway

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Naomi King And Pata Pata Jewelry Septum Rings Giveaway

Hey, guys.  Welcome back to my channel if you ever left. 
I'm sure you did, because I haven't posted in a while because I've been going through some shit.  Yeah. 
But here I am, making video and it's a nice one, it's about giveaway, yea, I love doing these, and I'm wearing makeup for the first time in a long time. 
Pata Pata Jewelry.  I'm wearing one right now.  This one is called Free Spirit.  And basically, all of this jewelry is handmade by Doron.
I appreciate that’s her surname.  She just hand makes everything, and it's all fucking beautiful and we are doing a giveaway.

 So, all the links will be below, obviously, this is for people who have their septums pierced or if you've always wanted to have yours pierced, yeah, giveaway, there's going to be three winners.  So, three of you have the chance to win handmade custom septum jewelry silver.  

I'm wearing gold, but that's because I'm special. 
You get to choose which design, she will make them accustomed for you, the actual part that goes through your nose, the wire ranges from 21 gauge to 14. 
I was pierced at 12, because I'm special and this is what I was originally pierced with, it's a little pincher, also known as a crescent and it's 12 gauge, which is large - larger than usual, which is why I hurt so much and it also went through cartilage, so that's why I was a little bitch in that piercing video. 


So, yeah, this is the first time Doron ever made jewelry this thick and to put it into your nose, basically, you kind of, you twist it to the side, there's instructions on the website, you don't open it up, you twist it. 
But because this jewelry is so thick, the only way I can open it up and put it in my nose is by opening and closing it with these guys. 
It looks scary and it freaked me out at first. 
But, yeah, most people do not have their septums pierced as big as my septum is pierced.  So you're not going to have that problem, you're easily going to be able to just twist it yourself. 
So, 21 gauge to 14 gauge, three winners, all the links and stuff are below. 
I do believe we are going to be waiting a month before we select the winner, so you do have time to enter just so that you have time to actually watch this video and see Doron's giveaways are usually over a week, but that's because she runs them through Instagram and I'm doing it through YouTube and some people take a while to you know click. 


So click below, enter. 
If you win, you get to choose any style in silver, check them all out, I'm currently wearing the Free Spirit and I will show you some of the other ones I have. 

They are all so fucking beautiful.  I'm not lying when I tell you that the last month has been dog shit for me and getting to where this jewelry has been pretty much the highlight of my life for the last month.  This and jaming with my band, but I can't give away the boys. 
So, you know, I just kind of have to settle for some jewelry. 
So this is the Free Spirit, as you can see, because I have to open it and then close it.  I actually have a little gap there that I cannot close because you just can't do that. 
Once you open this jewelry, there's always going to be a little bit of a gap.  You guys won't have that because nose isn’t thick as mine but your nose will. 
So this is the Free Spirit.  It's that little side with the hole and then this is the side that has no hole. 


All right.  So I have a different lens on. 
So it's harder for me to stay in focus on this one. 
Anyway, this is the Cool Breeze.  It's kind of - it's basically like the Free Spirit I was wearing before, but little bit less intricate. 

This one has the little circles on the outside, not on the inside. 
So this is the Cool Breeze and that is the Free Spirit.  There, you can see the little hole, which you guys won't have, because nose holes aren't as fat as mine. 
And here we are.  This is the Indian Mystique. 

I have them written down, so I actually remember the names, and my lipstick is fucking shit.  The hole on this side is a little bit more obvious for me on this jewelry.  But again, you guys won't have that problem. 
I don't know.  It doesn't bug me at all. 
These are so fucking beautiful, I don't really notice. 
So, this is the Indian Mystique and last, but not least, I'm going to show you the Tribal Beauty.  And this is the Tribal Beauty, counting myself, the jewelry. 

Yeah.  So this, I think my favorites are this one Tribal Beauty and the Free Spirit, but they're all absolutely fucking stunning. 
So yeah, definitely check out the website, take a look at all the different styles of jewelry.  Something I forgot to mention earlier, do you believe, if you don't want to wait for the giveaway, there is a 15% off code, you can just buy straight away, and I do believe, it's Naomi King. 
Let me check.  Yes; 15% off.  Shut it.  It's Naomi King.  Okay. 
All the links and stuff are below.  Enter the competition, take a look, it's not even a competition, it's a fucking giveaway. 
You don't have to do a shit, it's signup, wait a few weeks or if you don't want to, just get 15% off.  And then if you do wait and if you do win, three of you are going to win and I'm really happy about that. 


My last giveaway only had one winner that maybe sad. 
So there's going to be three winners and you're going to choose any style in the silver jewelry, and yes, going to be handmade for you and I'm fucking.  
Go check out the jewelry, go sign out and if you do buy some for the giveaway, definitely, tag Pata Pata Jewelry and tag me, because it's exciting and yeah, and to the giveaway, I'm super pumped about this and I can't wait, I like giving stuff away, it makes me feel good, because I'm a terrible person, it makes me feel better about myself; just kidding. 
Thanks for watching and until next time, adios fuckers.


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