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Silver Septum Rings

Silver septum rings are, perhaps the most traditional ones on the market. However, we at Pata Pata believe that “traditional” does not equate to “boring.” In fact, we go out of our way to ensure that “boring” does not exist anywhere in our vocabulary, or in our vast inventory of septum rings, nose rings and nose studs. Our brand is all about supporting and encouraging uniqueness and the ability to be exactly who are, when you are and where you are, and we infuse that into each silver septum and nose piece we hand craft and sell. That’s right! We hand make each piece of jewelry, to add a little warm, personalized touch to a world that’s become too busy for one-on-one attention to quality and customer service. We want you to feel as beautiful and unique as we know you are, so your happiness and satisfaction are our number one priority!

Silver Isn’t Always Silver
Don’t take the word of sheisty sales people or half-cocked product reviews when they say that silver septum rings are made of real, true silver. Often, people will use silver plating or diluted, silver-tinted synthetic metals. For certain pieces of costume jewelry, this isn’t such a bad thing, if the jewelry gets little use or is used as decoy accessories. However, these materials are not so good for facial piercings, especially those in the septum or nostril. In fact, the infections that contamination from these metals and platings can result in losing your awesome piercing. We could never do something like that to our beloved tribe! We want you to shine with your new, awesome nose or septum piercing, not regret and/or lose it! That’s why we ONLY use top-quality, purely and properly made (and nickelsterling silver for our nose jewelry. We also value our customers’ feedback, and we make changes to our selection and products according to YOU! So, rest assured that your septum and/or nose piercing is in good hands with us!


Why We Love Our Silver Septum Rings (and Believe That You Will, Too)!
We, obviously, love all things facial piercing related. However, our silver septum rings are special to us because of their versatility. You can choose come one that’s either dainty and delicate, or screams “bold and proud.” Our selection offers rings that suit any style, occasion or event. Silver is classic and timeless, and there is nothing we can’t make or accomodate with our silver inventory! So, put on any makeup scheme you prefer, wear any of your favorite outfits, blend in, stand out, or whatever it is that makes you YOU!

Handmade with Care
As we may have mentioned, we craft all our silver pieces by hand, with the greatest of care. We don’t believe in the impersonality behind using expensive equipment to mass produce impersonal septum and nose rings. We take the same consideration into making each piece that you take into choosing one, and we design those best suited for the dear, unique members of our tribe. The best looking, most confident you is important to us, too, and we can’t help you look and feel your best if we aren’t personally ensuring that we do our best (plus about 150%)! We want to be your first, and last, stop when shopping for your septum and nose jewelry, and we want to prove that we deserve that kind of trust! That’s why we will always make our septum rings, nose rings and nose studs by hand!

Some of Our Faves
We know what you’re thinking: “Yeah, but you’re a bit biased!” Perhaps that’s a little bit true. HOWEVER, we also know which of our fabulous septum and nose rings are the hottest sellers, and which style inquiries we get most often. So, we wanted to take a minute to mention some of the top fave silver septum jewelry pieces we sell: the Delicate Beauty, Neptune’s Child, Cool Breeze, Moon Child, and our Free Spirit silver septum rings (just to name a few). Please, feel free to take a look for yourself and choose your own favorite!

Size is No Object for Us! Seriously, Ever!
We know that size is everything to each individual (when it comes to septum and nose jewelry!), and we got ya covered there, too! Our septum jewelry ranges from small and medium, to extra large, loud and proud, in just about every style we sell! We know our tribe enjoys piercings of all gauge sizes, including 16, 18, and 20 gauge, as well as others! If you don’t see your gauge and/or size specifically mentioned, please free free to contact us! It doesn’t mean we don’t have or offer it; it may just mean you’re among the first people to inquire! We don’t bite (often!), so never hesitate to ask us anything about our inventory, or about us, in general!

This is More Than Just A Sales Pitch!
Yes, we ARE hoping that you’ll see just how awesome our silver septum rings are, and decide that you’d like to buy one (or 20)! HOWEVER, that’s not ALL we have up our tattoo sleeves! We’re baring the true soul of Pata Pata Jewelry to you, in the hopes that you will come to love and trust this site as much as our current tribe already does! We try to offer more than just lovely facial jewelry to you all: we tell wild, funny, and embarrassing stories on here, and keep this a place where everyone feels free to speak their minds and be themselves! We truly love to hear from our tribe members about everything! Whether you had a good (or bad) experience with a septum or nose ring you bought from us, you want to tell us about an experience you had with another retailer, or you just want a group who can appreciate your hilarious story about scaring the oop out of someone you know (human or of the furry persuasion) with a new facial piercing you just got, we wanna know all about it! We want to know about you because we care, we can relate, and a sense of belonging -- even amongst unique, one-of-a-kind individuals like all of us -- is important!

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