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Spring Cleaning-More Than Just Your Home!

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Septum ring silver 16 gauge

Cover photo - Gorgeous pixie @psychara wearing Free Spirit septum ring

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to do all the cleaning and make all the changes you’ve been wanting to make to your home. Believe it or not, very few people are thrilled about doing this each year, but the springtime itch is too difficult to resist.

However, how many of us take the time to apply the springtime sprucing to ourselves? Sure, a nice, clean house makes us feel better and more inspired for the year ahead, and that’s wonderful! But, what about US?? Don’t WE deserve to feel as fresh and spectacular as our living space feels to us?

The answer is: of COURSE, we do!! The problem is, sometimes we don’t know how to make that happen. Well, if you’re reading this, chances are that you adore piercings and tattoos, and we have just the thing(s) to help you feel as refreshed as you make your home! Keep reading!

Septum ring nose hoop silver 18 g
Model - Super stunning in every possible way @beatrizmarianophotography
Septum Ring - Neptune's Child

Spring Has Sprung

Indeed, spring has sprung, and spring means the time for new life and new inspiration. However, many of us spend more time focusing on the new things popping up around us than on ourselves and making ourselves feel as inspired and refreshed as our homes/surroundings. While it IS nice to have a clean home, donate old items to local thrift shops, or sell unnecessary things at a small garage sale, we mustn’t forget one important thing: ourselves!

It’s easy to forget that we, as people, deserve a good “springtime makeover,” just like our homes and closets. That’s why we wanted to take some time to remind our tribe members that you are just as important as clean living and working spaces this spring season!

Inspired by Nature

We don’t know about you guys and gals, but to us, springtime is a very inspirational time of year! Nature slowly comes out of her wintertime cocoon and gently brings color and life back into the world. All the vibrant colors and creatures that vanished during the winter reemerge after several long, cold months of hibernating, offering promises of new life and renewed creativity to the world! But, why should these promises influence nothing but the natural events of… well, nature?

The answer is: they shouldn’t! At least, they don’t HAVE to. While we whittle away, adhering to the idea that humans MUST use the first few weeks of spring to scrub and empty our homes to be rid of all unsightly and/or unnecessary clutter, we’re neglecting one important thing: OURSELVES. In this age of self-care and self-pampering, we should also heed the call to spruce up ourselves and make ourselves feel more like springing into spring! (Yes, pun intended!).

gold septum ring
Model - Breathtaking  @sashu_sun
Septum Ring - Indian Mystique septum ring in solid 14 k gold

Springtime Makeover

For some people, changing their look or revamping their style is a part of their regular routine. They change looks with the seasons or holidays, as a birthday treat, or before special occasions. However, some of us need an occasional nudge to reassure us that it is perfectly ok to pamper ourselves a little bit once in a while. So, for those who feel this way, use springtime as your perfect opportunity! Make the decision to feel and look as fresh and invigorated as your home.

How do we do that? Well, you are part of our tribe, so we’re willing to bet that you probably have a few ideas for new hairstyles or colors, or maybe thoughts of a new (or a first) tattoo or piercing. Or, maybe you’ve considered changing your entire look completely. So, what’s stopping you?

This is an exciting time, especially if you’re considering your first piercing or tattoo. After all, what better way to begin really changing your look! To go from virgin-skinned to ink and metal makes a very drastic change to your appearance, and people won’t be able to help but take notice. Since it is your first, it might be beneficial to discuss options with a tattoo or piercing specialist, and to consult with friends who already have body jewelry and ink.

silver septum ring 16g
Model - Goth Queene  @psychara
Septum Ring - Free Spirit septum ring

If you’re already tatted or pierced, but you’re deliberating on your next piece of body artwork, good for you! Try some experiments before you commit to something permanent. Try drawing the tattoo you want (or have someone else draw it on you) in the spot where you want it. Get a good idea of how it will look if inked onto your skin (even if it isn’t drawn perfectly), and maybe ask the opinions of some of your friends or family members. If it is a piercing you’re considering, try out some fake or clip-on jewelry. Get a faux nose or libre ring, clip-on earrings or belly button rings, or even rhinestones that you can temporarily adhere to your skin for a test run of your desired piercing.

If you’re just looking into new hair colors and wardrobe changes, spend a couple of days (with friends to give opinions and suggestions, of course), using a picture of yourself in several hairstyle and color apps, to figure out which is your best look.  Then, you can go to your favorite stores and try on clothes you’ve been considering buying. Take lots of pics, so you can use them in the hairstyle apps (if you still haven’t decided on a hairstyle yet) and see how each of your favorite hair possibilities mesh with the clothing you try. Also, give mall makeovers a chance! There’s no better way to choose a new makeup style than by having new colors tested before you buy them!

Springtime Makeover Ideas?

Do you have an annual springtime spruce-up idea we didn’t mention here? Did something we said here remind you of something someone you know does (or did) to change their look? Please, let us know!

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