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Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child

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Silver Septum Ring - Lusy Logan

We know that piercings and tattoos make unique fashion statements. That’s why many of us get them; to show on the outside who we are on the inside! However, did you know that sometimes our skin décor and facial accessories help with depression and anxiety? If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t!

Lifestyles of the Pierced and the Tattooed

One recommendation that people who struggle with mental illnesses often receive is, “Get yourself a makeover!” This does not necessarily mean makeup and cute, fashionable hairstyles, although sometimes, those do help, too!

We, of course, recommend that you do whatever works for you and your individual taste and style! Sometimes a new outfit that you catch on sale, a DIY new hairstyle you have been dying to try, or, of course, a new facial piercing helps you feel more confident in your precious, unique skin! Plus, it’s fun to do just because, even if you already great about yourself and love you as much as we do! We believe that piercings can solve almost anything, but then again, we might be just a little biased!

Silver Septum Ring 16g - Lusy Logan
Model, in main picture as well is the AMAZING Lusy Logan, wearing Cool Breeze septum ring

Alternative Methodology 101

Some ink and metal fans even opt for new tats, piercings, or beautiful new silver septum rings as an alternative to harming themselves. That means that they serve two great purposes: they give people a new reason to flaunt what makes them special, and they offer a new way to express the emotional pain those who battle depression and other mental illnesses feel in a way that is not a danger to their precious lives!

We Heart Needles!

But how could piercings and tattoos help with mental issues? Well, besides the self-esteem boost and the self-harm deterrent, there are pressure points to consider. Most of us have heard testimonies on T.V. or from a friend who swears they could not live without their acupuncturist. Some of us think, “That must be nice!” while others of us think, “No way in hell is some stranger touching me with those needles!” Believe me, we know there is a difference in tat/piercing needles and medical ones! However, we’re not entirely insane (yet)!

Our bodies have pressure points everywhere. From our scalps to between our toes, there are little spots that, when we apply even the tiniest bit of pressure, our bodies respond in some way. For example, have you ever tried rubbing the web on your hand, between your thumb and forefinger when you have a headache? Have you ever noticed how the pain begins to subside just a little? That’s because you are rubbing one of the pressure points that affects your head! When you’re getting a foot massage, have you ever felt a slight sensation of arousal? According to some acupuncturists, there is a pressure point in your feet that, if pressed correctly, pushes certain other buttons, too!

This same principle applies to mental health issues, as well. There are points all throughout the body that, when stimulated through either massage or needle therapy, produce endorphins, serotonin, and other chemical, as well as mental, surges. Temporarily, they make us feel  euphoric, like a drug high or adrenaline rush, and we forget all about our emotional distress. When we pierce the tissue on one of these related pressure points, there is a constant pressure like that of an acupuncturist’s needle, therefore performing a similar function in our brains and, over time, can help improve our emotional turmoil.

Critical Reminder!

Please remember that, if you or someone you love suffers from mental health issues, tattoos, piercings, and acupuncture should never replace a doctor’s treatment! They should not serve as the sole treatments for any ailment, but to supplement the advice and regimen from a professional in the appropriate field. We strongly encourage people to get piercings if the love of metal is part of who they are, but please continue, or start, seeking professional treatment for your own health and happiness, as well!

Have any of you ever gotten a tattoo or piercing that boosted your self-esteem or helped in your fight against mental illness? We’d love to hear your inspirational story! Shoot us a comment, and tell us all about it!

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  • Tumara Hostetler
    Created on: April 30, 2017

    I do believe that to be true. I got my faith peirced and also got my sisters done. It has helped with headaches on both of us. I tell everyone I know who suffers, to do the same.


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