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Happy Daith Piercing-days!

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daith piercing

Happy holidays, dearest tribe! We at Pata Pata Jewelry hope that this holiday season finds you well, merry and full of the holiday spirit! But, if you are anything like us, you probably feel a bit more stressed, exhausted and full of the desire for that holiday cheer!

If that is the case for you, we wanna help pull the bah humbug out of your… hair, for you! We know that one of the biggest stress factors during the holiday season is the shopping part. What do you buy for which person/people? How do you know if they are going to like it? What do you get for someone who either already has everything, or only likes a handful of things? Or, the really big question: how do you shop for an ink addict or metal head??

If you want to get something special and unique for your best pierced (or ) pal, we can definitely help! This holiday season, we at Pata Pata are celebrating two of our things: the piercing, and jewelry!

daith jewelry

A What Piercing?

A (rhymes with faith) piercing! This past year, it has become ALL the rage in facial and jewelry (though, we must say that we it LONG before it became this cool!). Many of you likely already know what a daith piercing is, if you do not, in have one, or two, of your own. However, for our new tribe members who may not be completely in the loop just yet, we will explain! The piercing is located in the innermost fold in your ear, just a teensy bit above your ear canal. Yes, the piercing is located in a rather tricky spot, and yes, some people do say that it hurts like the dickens. BUT we also know that a properly done piercing is so incredibly worth it!

Why Specifically a Daith Piercing?

In truth, the special metal heads in your life would likely enjoy ANY facial piercing, or jewelry for any facial piercing that they have. Again, we are being a bit biased because… piercing! However, there are actually very good reasons as to WHY it is our .

First of all, we will mention the most obvious reason: look super cool (and super-hot)! The piercing is one that has been around for goodness-knows-exactly-how-many years as a cultural/tribal piercing. Even though that is rarely the case today, it still looks just as cool and amazing as it did then!

daith piercing jewelry

Second, if the rumors are to be believed (more on that in a ), a daith piercing can actually do wonders for people who suffer from migraines! And, yes, we do know that this can actually happen, and here’s how!

One of our staff members has suffered with migraines for many years. Of course, she had tried all the medications, all the aromatherapy suggestions, homeopathy, all-natural remedies, and acupuncture. Well, guess what! Acupuncture was the most successful treatment option that she found, and a pressure point relating to the digestive system, as well as to the alleviation of migraine symptoms, is… you guessed it… right where the piercing is located! So, she decided to give getting a a try (again, this was before it became as popular as it has in 2019), and she said that the improvement in her headaches is astonishing!

(PLEASE NOTE: Our staff member spoke with her doctor before getting this piercing for healing/relief purposes, and you should, too! You should also ONLY get a from an experienced, legitimate piercing professional, and you should NEVER try to do it yourself at home! While this is a really cool piercing, and just as safe as any other, it is also NO less susceptible to damage, infection, or rejection than all other IF it is done improperly, inexpertly, or exposed to dirt and bacteria from a less-than-ideal piercing location or space!!).

Third, and finally… Pata Pata Jewelry rocks the piercing jewelry! Our selection of jewelry will blow your pierced minds! We have literally ALL types of earrings (including gold ones) that are nickel-free and easy on your (even new/recent ones), AND that are handmade TO order, to boot!

daith earrings

Ok, but HOW Do I get This for My Friend/Relative?

A fair question! You can’t exactly knock out someone and drag them unawares into a tattoo/piercing shop (and, even if you COULD, you probably… most definitely… shouldn’t). So, how, then, can you make this the perfect Christmas gift, without ruining the surprise?

Check out your nearby piercing parlors. Some of them, especially with the rise in piercing and facial jewelry interest in the last few years, either already offer something in the way of gift cards or the like, or they would be willing to work out something with you ( the season, after all!). Or, worst case scenario, you could pay ahead for your loved one’s and jewelry and then take them (CONSCIOUS, of course!) on the day you wish to surprise them. Or, of course, for those of you who know someone who already has a daith piercing, simply stop by our shop and peruse our selection of rings!

Once more, we want to wish you the happiest of holidays and, as always, happy piercing (and inking)!

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