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Beatriz Ain’t Kiddin’ Around!

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Beatriz Ain’t Kiddin’ Around!

Introducing: Beatriz Kiddo Mariano, as our inspirational, unique woman of the week!
She is a photographer, a musician and an alternative model
and she is only 23!
Don’t worry; we’ll wait for you to pull your jaw off the ground! We spent some time rolling up ours at first, too!

She is so laid back and awesome that she told us she didn’t know what to say about herself.

“Just write that I’m a self-taught photographer, filmmaker, musician, and alternative model,” she told us. And an incredibly talented one, we’d like to add!

So, how about we let her tell you about her amazing adventures herself? She was wonderful, fun, and a prime example of everything you can be when you refuse to be ordinary!

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano Photography Septum Ring

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano wearing Tribal Beauty septum ring 
Featured image - Beatriz Kiddo Mariano wearing Free Spirit septum ring

Pata Pata Jewelry: You have a lot of projects going for you! How do you manage them all (the art, the photography, the music, the makeup, etc.) without going insane?

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano: By this point everything's an habit. It all grew slowly, and since I started very early, everything just became a part of my daily basis!

PPJ: We know you get tired of hearing this, but you are an incredible artist? What inspires your style?

BKM: I'm immensely inspired by classic horror and the underground culture of the 90's! I live a lot in that atmosphere, and the more unknown the things are, the better! I spend hours investigating the visual culture of the underground scene, and that's something that has always make me thrive!

PPJ: What makes your style unique?

BKM:  I think what makes it unique is that I step away for everything I visually acknowledge! If it exists, then I won't do it! I like to keep my own individuality and identity. That's also part of the visual investigation, is that I'm making sure I'm creating something of my own.

PPJ: We know that you are also an alternative model. How, if any, does alternative modeling differ from more “traditional” modeling?

BKM: Honestly, I don't quite consider what I do "modelling," but there's just no other way of calling it. I believe it is a consequence of what I do. I never worked hard to be a model because I never wanted to be one. I'd rather call myself a blank canvas, as I've always said. But I guess what makes it different is the fact that alternatives don't have rules! We don't have sizes, we don't have categories, we don't have just a regular standardized look! Each of us are creating a new thing for ourselves, and that's what makes it so unique.

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano Photography Silver Septum Ring

PPJ: If you had to choose ONE thing to continue doing, between photography, the modeling and makeup and your music, which one would it be? Why?

BKM: NO! NOT THAT QUESTION! Well, I could ditch modelling easily, but don't make me choose between photography and music... Those are my two huge passions!!

PPJ: How have you managed to make it so far in your career, when you are still so young?

BKM: I started working at the age of 15, and I quickly figured stuff like work ethics and the value of loving what you do. I've always worked hard, to the bone, no matter under what conditions or circumstances. I'm madly in love with what I do, and I've dedicated my entire self to every single little bit of it. This means days without sleeping, months without seeing friends. Taking everything and risk it by putting yourself through your limits!

PPJ: We also know that you won the International Photographer of Alternative Fashion UK last year. Have you won any other awards?

BKM: Nope, that's the only thing!

PPJ: Have you done makeup for any major celebrities? 

BKM: Nope! I don't actually do make up on other people. I suck at it! I hate when people assume I work as a MUA, because make up is the least I'm all about. I don't wear make up outside most of times (unless it's a bad skin day - I'll cover that shit up), and I only started to develop the craftsmanship around two years ago. Before that, I never cared about make up - if I had infected zits then let them be, haha!

PPJ: Who is the most interesting person you got to shoot?

BKM: I can't say I have one, because every single person I take pictures of is an extremely interesting process. You never see the same features twice, including in twins!

PPJ: If you could do any person’s makeup in the entire world, who would it be?

BKM: Ugh... I suck at doing make up on other people, but I'd say Kat Von D, just because I'm dead obsessed with her looks!

PPJ: If you could do a photo shoot of any person in the entire world, (dead or alive) who would it be?

BKM: Damn it, so many people... I'd KILL to photograph Pete Burns. Or again, Kat Von D, Jim Morrison, Joan Jett, Wendy O. Williams. And then babes like Melanie Gaydos, Alice McMunn (my one big girl crush), or Charlie Qu.

PPJ: Which of all your photography projects do you enjoy most? Why?

BKM: I'm not sure. I love them all equally, even the bad ones. I could never choose one!

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano Photography 16g Septum Ring

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano wearing IchiBan septum ring

PPJ: What is it that speaks to you about your style of music?

BKM: I'm very inspired by the classics. I spent my childhood listening to Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath. But my one big obsession is old school death and black metal. Can't go a day without those! Bands like Death are what make me thrive, honestly. The complexion and the construction of every single second of their songs bring me chills down the spine, man. I just sit down and digest in complete mental and physical explosion. No words to explain!

 PPJ: How did you join the band? Tell us the story 

BKM: Well, I’ve always been, again, obsessed with deep voices and obviously gutturals. It’s so intriguing and beautiful to me; I consider it alluring. Then, when I was around the 6th grade, I found out about Angela Gossow, and that was eye opening to me. So, I always had this feeling of “what if I could do that too?”, but never quite considered it. About three years ago, I started to learn gutturals by myself, just like I did for clean singing. I’m self-taught. Didn’t tell anyone about it. A year later, I turned to my boyfriend and just said “wanna see what I can do?” I sang, or better, I growled, and he just goes “where the fuck did you learn to do that?! That’s insane!” and I immediately said “but can we form a death metal band now or what?” haha. So, we started composing, and I was always very insecure if it would work or not. Then, we saw things flowing, and decided to call one of our dear friends for the (other) guitar, and he also immediately said yes! Then the same for the drummer, and then bassist. Since then, we’ve been working non-stop, we did 5 shows in less than six months, and the band had only 4 months prior to that. We sold out our first show, and others after that! And now, in less than a year, we’re realizing our first EP!

 PPJ: Where is one place in the world you’d like to perform, if given the chance?

BKM: Fuck I don’t fucking know haha. I’m gonna say the huge stages of W.O.A.!

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano Photography Silver Septum Ring 16g

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano wearing Tribal Beauty septum ring

PPJ: Who, or what, inspires you to do so many amazing things with your life, all at once?

BKM: I’m not inspired by anyone, I do it all for myself! I focus on what I love doing the most, and I don’t waste a single second of it! Those who want something make a way for it, and those who don’t make excuses!

PPJ: Was it difficult for you to get people’s attention (with your music, photography, makeup work, any of it at all!) when you first started? How did you manage to gain enough momentum so that more people would see all the incredible skills and talent you have?

BKM: Honestly, I never really cared if people gave me attention or not. I was not doing it for them! I did it all for me, and my own pleasure! If people like it, then great! I’m thrilled! If they don’t, I couldn’t give two fucks about it. It just so happened that people really enjoy all my artistries. It’s like focusing in my own cubicle, and when I turned around, there was a huge amount of support – which I honestly never expected, because I never set goals. I work hard in the moment!

PPJ: Are you also still attending college while working so hard on these projects? How does it all work for you?

BKM: Nah I’m not in college, I’m in uni haha. There were frustrating times. Because I self-taught myself everything, when I got to uni in hope to learn more, it was a huge disappointment, because... There was nothing else to learn! I had teachers telling me “I have nothing to teach you, you’re extremely educated in your area, that’s impressive”. It’s an honor, but also sad. I kept thinking to myself “what the fuck am I doing here?” There was nothing left to learn. Fortunately, I made friends for life there. But I never gave up, and never took anything for granted, never threw anything away. And here I am!

PPJ: We read that it was your childhood love for movies that led to your devotion to photography. Is there something you hope to accomplish with your photography that was inspired by that love?

BKM: My one big dream has always been to make movies. To be a producer and a director all at once. I try a lot by myself still, I just don’t talk about it. But, one step at a time.

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano Photography Silver Septum Jewelry

Beatriz Kiddo Mariano wearing Free Spirit septum ring

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

BKM: I don’t fucking know haha. Like I said, I work in the present. I work hard in what’s happening right now. Then, come what may!

PPJ: Of which project(s) are you most proud?

BKM: Man, I’m proud of everything. All of it has been a part of a continuous process that has me grow in many different ways! So, all of them are special to me.

PPJ: What do you think are the most important characteristics and qualities that lead you to where you are now?

BKM: The most important quality has to be: stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone rule you. You’re your own priority, and work hard for yourself. People will try to drag you down, they’re gonna try to crush you and demoralize you, but don’t let that get to you! They mean nothing to you! Only YOU are in command of your own life, so make that path worth it! Go big, or go home!

PPJ: What does "refuse to be ordinary" means to you?

BKM: To me, “refuse to be ordinary” means individuality and identity. Refuse to fit in, refuse the rules, refuse the standards. The only person that can define you is yourself!

PPJ: What was your greatest failure, the one of which you are most proud :)

BKM: Like I was told once. There are no failures! Only shifts of circumstances in life!

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