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I have been a goldsmith, selling my jewelry worldwide, for many years. I am also a long-time spiritual healer and channeler. But those two parts of my existence never merged in my world. Until recently, when I was stricken with an inspiration that I could not ignore.

During a morning meditation in early winter, I was surprised when a mandala was revealed to me.

A Mandela, written in the sacred Hebrew letters; the language of the bible, is a sacred painting, a healing, infinite circle that conjoins desires to their worldly manifestation.

It is a spiritual, energetic vessel that intertwines with our souls. It accompanies and strengthens awareness, balance, attention, and serenity. It enhances creativity and intuition and links to abundance, power, blessing and health.
This first mandala had an overwhelming presence and power that I could not ignore. I immediately sat down to draw and document it before I could forget.

Through an intense guiding process, additional mandalas continued to be revealed. Each one was comprised of the structure and exact details that constitute them, including the energy and vibration that flows through them.

Each mandala is driven by a power word (its origin, as it were) and by the special frequency that beats, vibrates, and resonates through it.

With the mandalas came the instruction to create them in silver and gold: metals with high conductivity which originated in the belly of the earth.


You can combine two complementary mandalas that amplify both each other and the healing vibration they carry and wear them on chains of similar or matching lengths.

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H O W ∙ S H O U L D ∙ Y O U ∙ C H O O S E ∙ Y O U R ∙ P R O T E C T I O N ∙ J E W E L R Y ?

Choose the mandala to which you feel the strongest attraction right now. Whether your attention is drawn to the word woven into it, or to the design of the mandala. Trust your gut! The mandala that calls to you is the most appropriate for you.

Buying for a gift, or just unsure which one to choose? Would you rather consult with me for a match? I’m happy to help!

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W H O ∙ I S ∙ T H E ∙ P R O T E C T I O N ∙ N E C K L A C E ∙ S U I T A B L E ∙ F O R ?

My spiritual jewelry strengthens ,heals and supports those who experience constant mental pressure, mental imbalance, stress and anxiety and for those who seek protection.

They accompany and empower those who practice manifesting abundance, manifesting relationship or healing and are wonderful for those looking to increase inner motivation, inspiration and creativity.


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A  S P I R I T U A L  G I F T  F O R  A  W O M A N

Looking for a special gift, one that will hit the mark? My spiritual jewelry is an accurate and exciting gift for those who sense energies and vibrations, who practice or are attracted to spirituality, channeling, energy healing and spiritual healing at every stage of search, learning and experience in which she is.
For those who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
For those who has the gift of Reiki, acupuncture, Shiatsu, Tuina, reflexology, homeopathy, naturopathy and other complementary and holistic medical professions.
My healing jewelry serves as empath protection jewelry.

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W H A T  M E T A L S  D O  I  M A K E  M Y  S P I R I T U A L  J E W E L R Y  F R O M ?

I handmade the healing jewelry from sterling silver, 925, solid (no coating) and solid 14k gold (the jewelry is not made of an inferior base metal and plated with gold).
Crafting a silver jewelry will usually take about a week.
Crafting the jewelry in 14k gold will usually take about two weeks.
The load of orders and the amount of healing sessions I hold could affect the crafting duration.

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A  P E R S O N A L  H E A L I N G  J E W E L R Y  O N E  O F  A  K I N D

A custom mandala designed by me and inspired completely by you.
One of a kind powerful energetic mandala.
You can choose whether the mandala is designed with your name / child / spouse.
Duration of the preparation process - between three and four weeks. Contact me for more details.

Healing Jewelry

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