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How To Rock The Long Cardigan Trend

long cardigan
Winter is almost upon us and it is the perfect time for us to pack up our swimsuits and summer dresses so we can have a space in our closets for the clothes that will matter this season—long sleeve tops, leggings, blazers, coats and of course, the trendiest cold outfit at the moment—long cardigans.

We cannot deny the fact that long cardigans are a hit this winter season due to the fact that it is amazingly cozy and warm during this winter season. Plus, let us also not forget about the fact that they are extremely fashionable and stylish too. Here are some amazing ideas:
  • Pair it with your summer dress.
  • Wear it with a short dress and over-the-knee boots.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Be sporty.

How To Wear Cardigan Like a Cool Kid

Style your cardigan
Cardigan has always been associated with prim and proper ladies—the uncool and unpopular ones. We have reduced cardigan into something that only the losers and the less than popular kids wear.

If that is what cardigan is to you, you certainly do not understand how to wear this piece of clothing. We are here to help you pull off a cardigan outfit and look like a cool kid. With that in mind, here are some of the styling tips on how to wear a cardigan:
  • Belt it up!
  • Opt for a printed one.
  • Put on a brooch on it.
  • Pair it with a turtle neck sweater.
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