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Spiritual Channeling Session patapatajewelry

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Spiritual Channeling Session

130.00 2022-11-29

$130.00 USD

Need any help? Email me now at doron@PataPataJewlery.com for assistance

Are you seeking direction, advice, or healing? Spiritual channeling is a psychic healing art in which the channel receives and conveys love, healing and guidance from a guide. 


How Does Online Spiritual Channeling Work?

  • Step 1: Place the order.
  • Step 2: Look for an email with a link to my online calendar.
  • Step 3: Schedule your spiritual channeling session.(We probably live in different time zones (I’m from Israel), and my calendar fills up quickly.)

Please be patient, and trust that all is set in divine order.

Purchase a one-hour spiritual channeling session, which is conducted via WhatsApp / Facetime / Zoom – friendly, easy to install applications that allow us to connect.

In a spiritual channeling session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your life, and receive high guidance and directions from my guide, Pharah.

Every spiritual channeling session holds a powerful healing frequency, so you receive that as a bonus! 

Sometimes, more than one channeling session is necessary.  However, I will only know for sure during the initial channeling session. If I ascertain that more healing is required, I will let you know. In these instances, you will be placed at the top the list for future channeling sessions, and you will get first pick of my upcoming appointments!

* As much as I love to help everyone, I take the liberty to reject channeling orders if my higher guidance recommends it. This happens on rare occasions, and from a variety of reasons. It doesn’t, by any means, say that something is wrong with you! It simply means that this is not the right thing for you, or for me, at this stage of our journey.
In such case I will let you know, and fully refund your money!

This listing includes one, one-hour spiritual channeling session.

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Where do you ship to?
I ship to almost every country in the world.

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How long would it take you to prepare my jewelry?

I handmade each and every jewelry upon order.
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Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

I accept PayPal and credit cards.

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* All items are handmade, hence, the piece you will receive might be slightly different from the picture in my shop. 

* Love septum jewelry, but you are not yet pierced?
Choose 'Fake Septum' from the drop down or contact me and I'll prepare a beautiful fake septum ring for you, no piercing is needed.
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