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Channeling Session Plus a Unique, One-of-a-Kind Channeled Jewelry, Designed by Higher Guidance, and Crafted by ME, Especially for YOU!

715.00 2022-11-29

$715.00 USD

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What an exciting, breathtaking experience it is to receive a channeled, custom piece of jewelry that has been carefully designed by my higher guidance and crafted by me, with love, especially for you!
How this is done -
We will have a channeling session. In my channeling sessions, you’ll get to ask my guide questions regarding any aspect of your life.
I hold these sessions via WhatsApp / Facetime / Zoom – a friendly, easy-to-install application.
After placing your order, you’ll get a link to my calendar for booking your channeling session.
As I mentioned above, I’m from Israel, so we probably live in different time zones, and my calendar fills up rather quickly.
Please, be patient! Rest assured that all is set in divine order.
During the channeling session, I will ask my guide, Pharah, for a special piece of jewelry for you. I might perceive the jewelry instantly, in full or partially, OR gradually, in the days that follow our channeling session. Once I get the confirmation that the jewelry sketch is whole, and all the details are correct, I’ll begin working on your jewelry.
This process,  from our channeling session until you get your jewelry, could take up to one month or so. It is important for me that you are aware of this information in advance!
I appreciate your patience and understanding., because I cannot rush such a process. Only after I get a confirmation that my sketching is accurate can I move on to production.
You will not get to peek! I know, it’s SO hard to just sit and wait, but it can be fun and exciting, as well. I implore you to completely trust my higher guidance, as I do.
I will make your jewelry in sterling silver. If you prefer to have it in solid 14 k gold, please let me know, and once the jewelry is in a complete stage, I will let you know its price in solid 14 k.
The piece of jewelry I receive for you is yours, and meant for you ALONE. I will never reproduce, re-sell, or offer it in my shop to anyone else.
All channeled jewelry is shipped via DHL Express
* Due to the nature of this process, I DO NOT accept cancellations and/or refunds once we have our channeling session.
* As much as I love to help everyone, I take the liberty of rejecting channeling orders, if my higher guidance guides me to do so. This happens on rare occasions, and from a variety of reasons. It doesn’t, by ANY means, say that something is wrong with you!! As I mentioned above, it merely means that this is not the right thing for either you or me at this stage of our journey.
In this case, I will let you know and fully refund all money you paid me.
Not a fan of your new jewelry?
Your happiness is my priority so I offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything in my boutique.
Simply mail your septum ring, nose ring or your cartilage jewelry back to me in its original condition within 3 days of arrival and get a refund of the purchase price.
Check my Refund policy
 for more details.
Although I cannot control how fast packages are delivered, I have set cut-off dates based upon recommendations from USPS and DHL. To give USPS and DHL ample time to get your package to you in time for Christmas gifts, taking into consideration the time it will take me to prepare your jewelry, please order no later than:
US Shoppers – Dec.6
International Shoppers -  Nov.15

DHL Express is a great option to consider, if you are late in placing your order, or want to make extra sure that it will be delivered on time:
US Shoppers and International Shoppers – Dec.14

●●● PLEASE NOTE - while Covid-19 insists to stick around, shipping times might take longer than stated. I appreciate your understanding and good spirit <3

● USA - FREE expedited shipping. 3-7 days max with USPS Some items are shipped from my NY studio and some from my Israeli based studio.

I offer 2 shipping methods.

1. Registered international shipping – is your the default shipping option and costs $4.
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING times are between 6 - 12 days approx., depending on the destination and your country and local customs.

2. DHL Express – 2-4 business days. 
Please consider the 'Ready to ship' time in addition. Make sure to choose the relevant DHL Express profile to your country.
A phone number is mandatory. Please add your mobile number in the ‘notes to seller’ while placing your order. I will not be able to ship without your phone number.

● Your item will be insured against loss. I will add a tracking code to the shipping notice that I will send you upon shipping.

Please consider approximately 1-3 business days of creating your item prior to shipping. Once your item is shipped I will send you a notice with a tracking number, if available with the shipping method you chose.

● The shipping times mentioned above are estimated. Shipping may take longer due to your local customs and security clearance times.

Please bear with me during the holidays, and when natural calamities occur. It may take time to ship the products beyond the standard delivery business days.

I will not be responsible for unanticipated delays.

● International buyers: Please note that while buying goods from abroad, Customs Duty and/or Import VAT may be added. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay those fees.
I will not be responsible for any additional local fees. Please look up the local rules and fees for your country of residence before ordering.

Where do you ship to?
I ship worldwide.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the relevant tracking number and link. 
Please allow 24 hours for the link to activate.

How long would it take you to prepare my jewelry?

I handmade each and every jewelry upon order.
Your jewelry will be ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

Custom orders may take a little longer. 
Please check availability me and book in advance.
Contact me for details.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

I accept PayPal and credit cards.

100% guarantee! No questions asked.

Don’t like my jewelry? Mail it back to me in its original condition within 3 days of arrival and get a full refund of the purchase price (no refunds on the shipping back cost) Check my Refund Policy page for more details.

My LUCID registration number is - DE5208459278457

* Because I personally make each and every jewelry as they’re ordered, I’m very flexible and can easily adjust to suit your needs.
Simply send me a message to let me know what you need - a specific gauge, a different size.
I want your new piercing jewelry to fit you perfectly.

* Your septum jewelry, nose ring or stud or cartilage jewelry will be ready to ship in 5-7 business days.

* All items are handmade, hence, the piece you will receive might be slightly different from the picture in my shop. 

* Love septum jewelry, but you are not yet pierced?
Choose 'Fake Septum' from the drop down or contact me and I'll prepare a beautiful fake septum ring for you, no piercing is needed.
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