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Nightmare on YOUR Street

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Nightmare on YOUR Street

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you love the weird and creepy, and scary movies.
Even if you don’t, you’re probably at least familiar with some of the popular horror movies.
One thing we don’t like, however, is nightmares.
Going to a haunted attraction during Halloween season or watching paranormal investigation T.V. shows can be fun, but running or fighting for your life in your dreams is not.
Neither is sleep paralysis.

Nightmare sleep paralysis spooky creepy

I Can’t Feel My… Anything!

Have you ever woken from a dead sleep and noticed a shadowy, creepy figure at the corner of your eye, but you find yourself unable to sit up or turn to get a better look?
Have you heard the figure whisper something to you or felt as though someone, or something, was sitting on you, holding you down, when there was no one in the room with you?
That is sleep paralysis, and it is one of the most terrifying feelings in the half-sleeping world.
You are not crazy, we promise, and you are certainly not alone!

One night, when I was pregnant with my son, I was sleeping peacefully, for the first time in weeks.
I’m usually a hard sleeper, and only loud, shrill sounds can wake me.
However, that night, something that sounded like feet shuffling stirred me from my sleep.
It didn’t faze me at first, because I wasn’t the only one who often had trouble sleeping.
Then, the footstep sound stopped right at my bedroom door.
I was lying halfway on my stomach (not completely, because of the baby belly), and I tried to turn my head to see who was standing there.
However, I could not move.
All I could see was a shadow block the tiny light beam streaming in from the hallway, and I felt like there was an elephant sitting on me.
Do I need to tell you how badly I panicked?

You are Unique, but You are Not Alone!

This strange occurrence is common. While the exact cause is not 100% certain, professionals believe the cause is a disruption of our REM (rapid eye movement) cycle, during the period of sleep in which our brains paralyze themselves to avoid damage from acting out dreams as they occur.
Our brains, in a semi-conscious state, try to analyze several aspects of our surroundings while still processing whatever dreams we had.
All this sleepy confusion creates the illusion that there is a presence in the room and that we are physically paralyzed.

Nightmare sleep paralysis ghost creepy

Scientific or Spookerific?

There are those who argue that these experiences are paranormal phenomena.
They believe that the supernatural interact with us as we sleep, when we are completely unguarded and suggestible, and that is the cause of sleep paralytic episodes.
No matter in which theory you believe, one thing on which many scientists agree is that the intense fear is all a direct result of our brain’s reaction to the belief that our bodies are paralyzed.
Our brains switch into an instinctive emergency alert, pumping adrenaline, and the fight-or-flight response through us at full speed, trying to reverse the paralysis.
Our brains are incredible, complex organs, and none of us really understand the lengths to which they will go to try to save our behinds!

Sleep paralysis nightmares

Talk to Us!

Have any of you ever had an experience with sleep paralysis?
Do you have an opinion on whether the experience is scientific or paranormal?
Tell us about it!
We would love to hear your unique stories and thoughts!

Also, feel free to check out some of our other blogs!
Metal heads, do not forget to peek at some of our lovely facial jewelry!

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