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Is Handmade Facial Jewelry Better than Commercial?

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We’ve heard many people ask the question: “Is custom/handmade jewelry really better than the stuff all the popular stores sell?” Now, we know that we may be just a tad biased, but our answer still rings with complete truth, and with plenty of reasons to back it up: “Yes!”

septum ring 16 gauge online
Model On Cover - Stunning Sashu Sun
Septum Ring - Indian Mystique in solid 14 k gold
Picture - @krabimaha 
Model Above - Breathtaking Amelie Axelson @amelieaxelson
Septum Ring - Neptune's Child in solid 14 k rose gold

WHY Handmade Nose/Septum Jewelry Beats Stock Jewelry in Stores

You can have handmade jewelry made of materials that you’re sure you’re not allergic to! If you have an uncommon allergy to something typically used in the making of jewelry, handmade jewelry could be a great option for you! Many people have an allergy to silver and nickel. However, if you use handmade jewelry, you can request that a different metal, or even plastic or wood, be used as a substitute.

You can also request that your handmade jewelry is made a certain way, meaning you can have more unique pieces than most people! Aside from the materials used, handmade jewelry is fully customizable! That means you can have a one hundred percent unique, one-of-a-kind nose or septum ring that matches your personality and tastes, rather than one that was mass produced by big companies for general fashion statements and stereotypes.

Handmade jewelry is also made more meticulously and with greater care than any mass-manufactured stuff. Often, companies cut back on the quality of the materials they use for making their products, so they can gain a bigger profit. That, of course, impacts the overall quality of the jewelry, which often leads to the jewelry breaking, chipping, and/or turning that awful greenish color. We can say (confidently and proudly) that the same is NOT true of quality handmade jewelry pieces! For one thing, the process of creation is a bit more delicate when handmaking jewelry. The people who take the time to handcraft jewelry really care about what they’re doing, and about how each piece they create is a reflection of themselves and their love for jewelry making. Also, they care about how their customers feel about the jewelry they buy and want these customers to love the pieces as much as (or more than) they do!

16 gauge septum piercing jewelry
Model - My favorite witch  @obsidiankerttu
Septum Ring - Neptune's Child in solid 14 k rose gold

We could do this all day, but we understand busy schedules and quick readers! So, we’ve continued our reasons why we believe (nay, we KNOW) that handmade nose rings and septum rings are better than all the rest below:

  • Custom/Unique pieces. We touched on this a little earlier, but we want to explain a bit more. Would you prefer a custom septum ring or nose ring that you can design yourself, knowing that you will be able to wear it (you know your own allergies and sensitivities better than anyone, after all) and that you will love it? Wouldn’t you rather have something you could have made specifically to compliment  your unique facial features? Or, do you wanna take a chance on buying one from a store, only to find out later that you hate it?
  • Kind to the earth. No, we did not pull this fact out of thin air! Many people these days choose to opt for handmade septum and nose rings because not only are many of the materials kinder (and easier) on the earth, but they’re also made in processes (again, the handmade process) that are less harmful to our natural resources.
  • Better value. While many handmade jewelry pieces are often more expensive, due to the painstaking time put into them and the cost of materials (and shipping, if ordering online), value, in this case, is measured by the length of time the septum rings you purchase lasts. For just a few dollars more than manufactured products, you get something that lasts you years, or even decades, if well cared for and maintained, versus things that break or chip within a few weeks of buying them. The artists who create things by hand, from scratch, put a piece of their soul into the products they create. They are, after all, humans, just like us, not machines, like major mass-producing companies use.
  • Less prone to infection. We know how contradictory this may sound. After all, wouldn’t a nose ring that was handled a great deal be subject to more germs than that produced in factories? NO! Not only is jewelry handled by MANY people working in the production factory, but it is also (prior to packaging) may be exposed to debris from other parts of the factory, dirt, and may even come in direct contact with other materials to which you are allergic or sensitive. Handmade pieces are crafted by people who REGULARLY wash their hands (and sanitize them, trust us!) AND who can skillfully ensure that NOTHING other than their crafting materials and tools come into contact with the jewelry pieces you buy. OF COURSE, if something SHOULD go wrong with your new nose or septum piercing, you can speak with the person/people who created the jewelry personally and get great, person-to-person care. Speaking to a caring person who stands behind his or her art 100% feels so much better than talking to a salesperson for a company that cares for little else besides money.

Tell Us What You Think!

Do you have an opinion about handmade vs. mass-produced septum rings and nose rings? Do you have a reason you love handmade jewelry that we didn’t list above? Let us know!

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  • Brenda Curran
    Created on: June 27, 2019

    I haven’t received my order yet, I like having septum and nose studs that no one else has. Can"t wait for my order.😁👍


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