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How To Wear Velvet Like Celebrities

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Holidays are the perfect time for you to try something new. At this time, the mood is so festive so you are free to dress in whatever style, fabric or texture of dress that you want. Well, one of the fabrics that automatically comes to mind during the holiday season is no other than the velvet fabric.

Aside from the fact that this fabric gives off that rich, vivid color (making your outfits look more festive), velvet is also considered to be one of the special fabrics out there and we all know that your outfits have to be special during this season. But how do you style a velvet dress without looking cheap? Below are some of the tips on how to wear velvet dress like celebrities do!

Pair it with casual looking clothes.

We know that the velvet fabric can seem too loud and formal but the best way to tone it down is by pairing it with cool and casual pieces like jeans and sandals. For best results, we recommend opting for a wide leg jeans that has trended during the 70’s. If you are planning to wear a velvet button down blouse, we suggest that you use it as a cover up or blazer over a silk sleeveless top instead. Instead of using pumps, we recommend going for sandals with chunky heels.

Opt for red wine color.

We know that holidays are the perfect time for you to drink it up and have fun but it is also the perfect time for you to wear dresses in vivid red colors. Well, since you are already celebrating, why don’t you take your celebration into a whole new level by opting for a dress in red wine color? That will surely make you stand out.

Add edge into it.

Do you think that velvet is so old school? Well, we have an idea! Why don’t you try to edgify it? We know it may seem impossible but trust us—it can happen. What we have in mind is by opting for a blazer in black velvet color worn over a simple statement short. Pair it with black wide leg pants and wear it with boots. Your finishing touch? Wear a septum ring or studs around your wrist.

Go for a jumpsuit.

If you do not like to wear a dress, we recommend that you go for the next best thing—a jumpsuit! You can be playful with it but it would be better if you go with a black color instead.

You may be intimidated to wear velvet and we totally get that but with the tips mentioned above, you will never have to feel intimidated ever again.

So do you have any more questions on how to style a velvet dress like a celebrity? Or maybe you have a few more styling suggestions that you wish to share with us? If so, please head to our comments section! We would love to hear from you!

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