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How To Style Patterned Tights

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patterned tights

Winter is almost upon us and it is about time that we let our winter clothes come out of the closet. One of the types of clothing that will surely be a big hit this coming winter and it will be no other than tights. Of course, without it, it will be impossible for women to wear their beloved dresses and shorts come the colder months. But if you want to level up your look, we recommend that you opt for patterned tights.

The thing about patterned tights is that they can instantly make any outfit look more special and interesting. That is why they are the go-to clothing during the winter season. If you wish to make the most out of your patterned tights, here are some styling ideas to keep in mind:

Pair them with solids.

The best way to wear your patterned tights is to pair them with clothes in solid colors. Keep all the elements in your outfit looking plain and simple and just simply allow the beauty of your patterned tights shine through. One outfit that we have in mind is a pleated skirt, a tank top and an oversized coat and of course, a pair of gorgeous ankle boots will do.

Pair them with dressy shorts.

If you have plenty of dress shorts, you will never run out of clothes to wear come the winter season. Just simply wear an oversized sweater and dress shorts. Instead of wearing high ankle boots, you should try to go for black platform shoes. That outfit will surely look unique and fun.

Go print on print.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous then take the risk and wear print on print. Do not just stick to the solids. Just simply pair it with long sleeve printed mini dress, a cardigan in solid color, scarf around your neck and a pair of ankle boots. If you are feeling a bit cold, you can try adding extra warmth by wearing some ankle socks.

Wear it under ripped jeans.

If you are scared that you will feel freezing cold during the winter season by wearing tights only, there is still a way on how you can wear it during winter—wear it under ripped jeans! The rips in your jeans will certainly show off the cute patterns and design of your tights. That will definitely create an unexpected look.

Wear it to a formal occasion.

You do not need to wait for winter to show off your patterned tights. It can also be used to make your formal outfits look more special and interesting. Wear it under your glittery gold skirt and it will certainly look amazing!

Regardless of what the pattern of your tights are, you cannot deny the fact that they can lend an interesting touch to your winter outfits. If you have more style suggestions or questions, feel free to share them to us in the comments section!

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