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Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child

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Located at the center of your face, a statement,
Being such a great way to express your true self,
The septum ring that you choose to ware has a lot of meaning.

There are so many options of different shops, materials, designs, quality levels and prices range that it Make the task of buying the right septum ring for you pretty confusing one.

I put together a list of the 5 most important things you should look for, When choosing your septum jewelry shop.

1. A Perfect fit
Does the shop offers a variety of wire size and diameter – you must pick a septum piercing that perfectly fits your face and style.
Mass production septum piercing sellers usually offer a very limited range of wire size and diameter combination.
It should be quite easy find the standards: 14G (1.6 mm), 16G (1.2 mm) and 5/6”, (8 mm) 7/16” (10 mm) diameter, but if you are wearing a different combination, wish to size down, size up, prefer wearing a snug fit or love large jewelry, it could become almost an impossible task with such shops.
Don’t compromise. If you can’t find the right combination for you in the shop, don’t waste your time. Move on.
Choose only a jewelry that will look nothing less than AMAZING! on you.

2. Handmade, especially for you
Handmade septum rings have a lot of benefits and a great added value.
Being made to order, they are easily adjusted to fit your needs and preferences so that you’ll end up with a jewelry that is SO comfortable to wear, not too big, not too tight, simply perfect.
A turning heads pierce that will draw so many “where did you get THAT from” questions.
Knowing that the jewelry was crafted especially for you by the hands of an artist, putting all his skills, passion and love into that specific piece, is priceless.
Does the shop offer handmade pieces? 

septum piercing rings
Model - gorgeous Ashlyn Buchi
Septum Ring - Free Spirit

3. Quality
Is the jewelry made from piercing qualified materials of the highest quality?
How about the finish?
Being inserted into your body, successfully going through septum piercing pain, you should know which material it is being made of. Look for a clear description, that should include one of the following: Surgical steel, titanium, blackline or zircon gold (PVD coated surgical titanium), gold in all karat, sterling silver,
PTFE (known as Teflon), biocompatible silicone, PMMA (a clear, glass alike, plastic), bull horn, wood, glass, water buffalo horn and bio-plastic. These are the materials your septum piercing should be made of.
Poor quality septum rings could end up as a great disappointment: easily break, discolor, peel off or cause irritation, infection or even a worse reaction that could push you to give up on that best piercing you have.
Don’t go there.

4. A Unique style
Too tired of seeing the same jewelry over and over on EVERYBODY, …EVERYWHERE?
Look for a shop where you can find a line of designs that makes you feel high, that YOU love and that would make YOU feel nothing less than super happy and proud to wear.
A unique, feminine yet bold septum rings.
Designs that complements and boost your style.
Express your true self! I guess you can avoid the mass production shops, if trying to find unique jewelry , it is probably a waste of time. Look for small, artisan, handcrafted jewelry studios.
You’ll find priceless treasures in there.

5. 100% guarantee
Will you get a 100% guarantee, no questions asked?
If you changed your mind, if the septum ring is not what you expected it to be, Is there is a friendly, ‘hands on’, customer service you can speak with?
Could your septum ring be re-sized, replaced for a different design, returned and you will get your money back? Check it before you choose your favorite shop.

Obviously it is very individual, And I respect any approach.
True, you can find cast jewelry for a few dollars or even less. It is absolutely o.k to shop them, as long as you are aware of the quality And expects to get whatever a few dollars septum rings can be. When it comes to quality vs. price, I recommend buying less items, but never compromise on quality and style.
That goes with everything – clothes, shoes, bags, hair, makeup… anything.
But, that’s me :) 


Silver Septum Jewelry | Neptune's Child | PataPataJewelry

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