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About Our Septum Jewelry: No One Knows Nose Rings Like We Do!

That’s not just us bragging (although we are a bit proud)! We know more about the septum jewelry our customers want because we listen to you and value your opinions! We don’t recycle the same trends offered by other jewelry stores and websites. We start our own trends and create our own styles based on YOU! HOWEVER, we are more than just septum piercing and septum jewelry experts, and Pata Pata Jewelry is more than just a place to shop for new septum jewelry! Our philosophy is: Be uniquely YOU! We encourage our customers to be proud of who they are, and the styles that accentuate their personal uniqueness. In that spirit, each piece of jewelry we sell, including our nose rings, is handmade. None of our products are factory created and mass produced, like other facial jewelry on the market. We believe that all of our septum jewelry should be as special as the people who wear it!

We Heart Nose Studs and Nose Ring Hoops, Too!

We know that a septum piercing might be a big leap, even for the most devout of piercing lovers. Our goal at Pata Pata Jewelry is to help all lovers of nose and septum jewelry feel at home and appreciated for everything that makes them who they are. That’s why we offer a selection of nose ring hoops and nose studs, in a variety of gauge such as 20g, 18g and more, as well! And, for those who would prefer to know for sure if the pierced look is for them before putting themselves through the pain of the needle, we also have some faux septum rings too! These are also a great alternative to the piercings if you have a job at which facial piercings are strictly forbidden!

Ok, We Admit—Our Specialty is Gold and Silver Septum Rings!

While we do love, and know a lot about, all things related to facial piercings and septum and nose rings, we must confess! We are a bit partial to tried-and-true gold and silver septum rings. After all, that’s what we use in our jewelry! Nothing says sexy and daring night-on-the-town like one of our hand-crafted, 16g or 14g yellow gold septum rings. And, of course, silver isn’t without its many charms! When you can’t decide how to accessorize with that perfect outfit, you can never go wrong with a silver septum ring! Having trouble deciding? Here’s a secret: we make many of our septum and nose ring styles in both gold and silver! That way, your biggest decision is which one of them you want to try first!

Septum Piercing, Gold Nose Rings, and Blog Posts—Oh, My!

Bottom line: Pata Pata Jewelry is a place for ANYONE who has unique tastes in life! Whether you love steampunk/goth styles, or you’re more casual with a love for tattoos and piercings, we embrace you! Those of you who are just curious, or aren’t sure about getting ink or metal of your own, but you love the look are warmly welcomed, as well! If you have a quirky sense of, or love for, fashion, you’re one of us!

We also go above and beyond the call of jewelry! Our blog offers information for metal heads of all types, even those who are only just considering a brand new septum piercing. In our posts, we discuss everything from choosing the perfect piercing studio and/or artist to cleaning and managing your septum piercing. We also have makeover tips, for when you feel the need for a brand new look, and interviews with inspirational people who celebrate pride in uniqueness, just like we do! And we always hope that all of you feel free to share your stories of piercings, ink sessions, makeovers, and anything else that makes you unique with us! We thoroughly love open discussions on our blog posts, and we cherish the opportunity to get to know our amazing, unique clan!

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