Refuse To Be Ordinary®


All jewelry in this collection was given to me through channeling my beautiful guide, Pharah.
The overall structure of the jewelry, from its proportions to how it should it be worn (for example, over which chakra, its healing and empowering qualities, its spiritual qualities, its name, etc.), and every OTHER detail of the jewelry was revealed to me by my higher guidance.
For some of these, I’ve even seen at which rituals they’ve been worn!
With some pieces, I clearly perceived this info over one session.
With others, I had a little back and forth with sketching, until I got confirmation that I got all the details just right.
The process of creating these pieces is such an exciting, unique experience. I feel so privileged and grateful to have experienced it! I usually know that today is the day that I’ll be given the inspiration for a new jewelry piece when, from the moment I awaken, I am excited and energized (and, I admit, a bit impatient!).
It drives me to push harder to complete my morning training and take a super quick shower, so that I can finally get into my meditation to connect with Pharah and, while receiving her other divine gifts, receive the new jewelry, as well!
The jewelry in this collection is all unique and original spiritually-influenced. Each piece holds healing and empowering qualities, divinely designed to support and strengthen you.
Choose the jewelry to which you feel an internal attraction. Follow your heart. It is always right.
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