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How to Wear A Trench Coat

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trench coat

Trench coat has been with us for as long as we all can remember. Because of this, many women thinks that it is very easy to style a trench coat but in the end, they all style their trench coat outfits the same way. As a result, you will end up looking like a bunch of Plain Janes walking down the street.

But what if we told you that there is a much more trendy way of wearing your trench coat? Yes, there is. There are many ways on how you can wear a trench coat that will make you stand out from the crowd. What are these? Well, take a look at the tips that we have below:

Roll up your sleeves.

A trench coat may look formal but there are many ways on how you can wear it. If you wish to keep it casual and chic, we recommend rolling up your sleeves. Yes, this may make you look like a blue collar job worker but when cuffed right, your trench coat will look casual in the most stylish way possible so roll up, ladies!

Keep it slouchy and lazy.

Your trench coat is the only thing that you need to pull off that off duty model look, especially now that many models are already donning on this stylish piece of clothing. For the perfect off duty model look, we recommend wearing a bright colored sweater underneath your trench coat then cinch your trench coat at the waist and pair it with slouchy jeans and your favorite pair of sneakers. Now, you will be able to achieve the ultimate girl-next-door look.

Keep it lace-y underneath.

Do you love to wear lace but you didn’t think that it is winter ready? Well, it actually is! But how do you keep yourself warm when you only have lace on? Well, that would be where trench coat will come handy. Wear a trench coat over a sexy lace top and rest assured, you will look sexy and winter ready with your favorite lace top!

Wear a striped shirt underneath it.

Want to pull off another off duty model look? Here’s another great idea! We recommend going for a nude colored trench coat and wearing a striped button down shirt underneath it. Pair it with tight fitting pants and your pair of loafers. This may seem quite simple but rest assured; this is one of the best looks that you can ever pull off with your trench coat.

A trench coat may be the most important wardrobe staple today but you do not have to wear it the same way again and again. With the tips mentioned above, you can style your trench coat in a  variety of ways you may never have tried before!

Do you have more questions on how to wear a trench coat? Or maybe you have a few more style tips to share with us? If so, our comments section is wide open for you!

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