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How To Dress Like Your Favorite Celeb: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is at the center of attraction in Hollywood today because of her never ending feud with Kanye. Yes, she got burned by Kim K when she released that video and everyone is waiting for her downfall, but as we all know, a celeb like Taylor Swift is going to overcome anything (even lyrics) thrown her way. Aside from her amazing PR strategy, this blonde singer still continues to win over the hearts of many people because of her amazing voice, totally relatable songs and of course, her amazing fashion sense.

For sure, you have wanted to dress like Taylor at one point or another. Well, here is your chance to do so! Below are some of the ways on how you can copy Taylor Swift’s incredible personal style:

Have a go to outfit

It is important that you know what works for your body and make it your go to outfit. In that way, you can be able to put on something that will make you look good when you have no time to scour your cabinet for ideas. For Taylor Swift, this singer knows that a one shoulder dress that cinches in the waist never fails to make her look good and she made it her party uniform. So, what is yours? If you do not know it yet, you can try a different style and type of clothes and see what will suit you best.

Show off your shoulder

If you browse through the different looks that Taylor has sported, you will notice one thing: she likes to show off her shoulder. Well, that is because she is well aware of the fact that her shoulders are her biggest asset. If you have nicely shaped shoulders too, then by all means, wear an off shoulder, a sleeveless or any type of top that has sleeves which fall off your shoulder. By all means, girl, flaunt what you got.

Make casual clothes look fancy

There was a time when Taylor fell in love with the plaid design. She wore plaid button ups almost the entire time. However, she was able to prevent that look from being too casual by adding fancy accessories. She likes accessorizing her casual clothes with bejeweled shoes, shiny headband, wide belt and many more.

Rock the cowgirl look

Before she came to be the punk rock chic a la Avril Lavigne that she is today, she was a proud country girl and she was not afraid to show off her boots. But she tries to tone down the whole country look by pairing her beloved brown boots with fun and flirty sundresses.

Whether we like it or not, Taylor Swift is here to stay. Instead of trying to beat her, why not join her? After all, she may be a diva, but she’s a diva who knows how to dress! So, do you have some more tips on how to dress like Taylor? Well, do not hesitate to share it with us! Share your tips in our comment sections. We would love to hear from you!

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