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Flannel Shirt Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

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flannel shirt

Are you planning to revamp your closet this coming fall season? If yes, then you should make sure that your closet will have one of the fall staples—the flannel shirt. Many fashion experts believe that any woman should have this shirt, regardless of how old they are, what their fashion style is and what they like to wear. This is because this shirt will keep you warm, make you feel comfortable and best of all, it is very easy to style.

If you are wondering how you can style this shirt, we have plenty of ideas for you. In fact, here are some of them:

Keep it simple yet functional.

Thanks to its long sleeve and plaid design, a flannel shirt is very easy to pair with. Before we introduce to you some other style tips, let us first start with the basic—layer it. There is no better way to add an interesting dimension and texture to your flannel shirt than this. The best type of clothes that you can wear your flannel shirt with is under a cardigan. It will look simple yet eye catching.

Look cute.

Yes, a flannel shirt can help you to achieve a cute and edgy outfit. How? Just simply opt for a pair of distressed denim shorts, a black shirt or tank top then get an oversized flannel top and wear it over your shirt. Of course, you should not forget one of the best accessories that you can ever use—a beanie. If it is a bit cold out, we recommend that you wear it with plain or patterned tights.

Make it glamorous.

Do you think that the flannel shirt is just for Plain Janes? Well, we want you to rethink that because our next tip will surely make you think otherwise. You can actually make your flannel shirt look glamourous by wearing a fur vest over it. Wear it with pants or a cute pair of shorts and tights. For best results, opt for a pair of high ankle boots and do not forget to wrap a scarf around your neck.

Go print on print.

Do not ever think that flannel shirts are meant to be paired with just plain and simple solid colored accessories and pants. On the contrary, you can use it to join the print on print trend. One of the best ways to do that is to pair your flannel shirt with plain pants but opt for a pair of shoes in different prints like floral, leopard and many more.

Forget the jeans.

Another perfect bottom to pair your flannel shirt with is a skater skirt. Just simply wear tights underneath if you are feeling a bit cold.

Truly, flannel shirt is one of the best fall clothes there are. You can wear it in any way you want—sporty, girly, cool, edgy and many more. If we have missed out on some other style tips, please feel free to share them to us in the comments section.

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