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Alternative Fashion 101: The Four Unique Ways To Dress Up For The Holidays

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dress up

Holiday season is just around the corner and for sure, everyone is dying to dress up for their parties. But if you are like me, who like alternative fashion, you try to shy away from wearing dresses as much as possible. Because of this, what’s an alternative girl like you should wear to your parties? Well, don’t worry! There are plenty of alternative clothing pieces out there!

If you wish to look unique and stylish this holiday season, then it is about time that you take a look at these following dress alternatives.


Yes, jumpsuits are the perfect things to wear when you wish to dress up without actually wearing a dress. To keep your jumpsuit as classy as possible, we recommend that you opt for one in a neutral shade. In this way, you can play with your accessories. Depending on your style, you can wear a statement necklace, chain earrings or even, septum rings. The latter is perfect for those who wish to show off their edgy side. If you will be wearing a septum ring, you might as well wear a leather jacket over your pantsuit.

Sequinned bomber jacket

When it comes to holiday outfits, sequins always make outfits a lot better. So no matter how casual looking a bomber jacket is, it can be holiday party ready as long as it has sequins. But of course, you should try to avoid sparkle overload as much as possible by pairing it with muted pieces of clothing like black, brown or blue. Of course, finish off your outfit with accessories that are the same shade or color as the sequins in your jacket.

Textured clothes

This holiday, the best thing that you can do is to play with textures. Since you will also need lots of layers to keep yourself as warm as possible. If that’s the case, you should take it as an opportunity to done clothes in different materials including neoprene, leather, velvet and many more.

Tulle and lace details Holiday is also the perfect time for you to unleash your inner femme fatale without wearing any dress. To do that, we recommend going for a tulle skirt and wear lace leggings underneath it. To balance off the femininity in your outfit, we recommend pairing it with leather jacket and a septum ring. This is a good mix of feminine and edgy.

Who would have thought that you can dress up for the holidays without wearing a dress? With these alternatives, it is possible! The next time you are planning an outfit for your Christmas party, think of these alternatives and rest assured; you will look unique and you will surely be a standout this holiday season!

Do you have other questions on how to dress alternatively these holidays? Or maybe you wish to share with us a few of your styling tips? Whatever it is, our comments section is wide available for you. We wish to hear from you!

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