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Hit by an impossible smell and freaked out when you realized it is coming from you?
It is normal…
You are the only one who can smell it. ...If that is a comfort in any way…
Most septum pierced people experience that smell at one time or another, Or at least enjoyed it in their healing process.

Being known as “septum funk” or “septum stench” that smell is very common with other body piercings as well. Taking them out for cleaning or changing, you can notice that they’d smell a little something too.
The fact that the nose and septum piercing are stuck in your nose, obviously makes it more distinctive and probably more bothersome.

Don’t mistake that excretion for pus, it is sebum which is there to protect your skin, keep it moisturized and healthy.
A mixture of dead skin cells, probably boogers as well, even old soap is what gives it the rotten odor.
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How to prevent or minimize septum piercing smell

Keeping a good healthy cleaning routine is recommended in general, and could help you minimize or even prevent that odor.
If all is nice and healthy with your septum piercing jewelry, simply use Q-Tips with warm water and soap, or use the antiseptic your piercing studio once recommended you should use to take care of your fresh piercing.
Carefully clean the pierce from both sides. Rotate your septum ring as much as the jewelry allows and clean the spot which is normally inside the septum channel. If the smell doesn’t go away,
Take the jewelry out, soak it in warm water and gentle soap.
Dip a soft piece of cloth or cotton puffs in the soapy water and rub the jewelry.
Wearing the septum ring again, if the smell is stubborn, consider choosing a different material for your septum ring.

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Choosing right your septum ring materials

Some materials are more likely to make your septum pierce smell bad, steel for example.
Organic materials, like wood, are considered to be more smell-free. Glass and silicon as well are considered to be pretty smell-safe. But, as almost everything with body piercing, it is very individual. Some would experience a bad smell with steel, while others it will enjoy wearing it forever.

Septum rings which are made from poor quality metals are more likely to cause irritation, reaction and bad smell. Coated metals will peel off over time, revealing the base metal which could cause a reaction with your skin.
Always prefer septum rings made of best quality materials.

In addition to poor hygiene, certain types of jewelry materials can also contribute to the odor. Jewelry made from non-hypoallergenic metals such as nickel, copper, or brass can cause the skin to react and produce bacteria, leading to a foul smell. Switching to jewelry made from hypoallergenic materials like gold, sterling silver, titanium or stainless steel can alleviate the issue. Additionally, cleaning the piercing regularly with saline solution or piercing aftercare products can also help prevent bacterial buildup and unpleasant smells. If the smell persists despite good hygiene and quality jewelry, it's important to consult with a professional piercer or healthcare provider to rule out any potential infection or other underlying issues.

How Nasal Mucus Can Contribute to Septum Piercing Odor

Another common reason for a septum piercing to smell is because of the presence of nasal mucus. Mucus can accumulate on the jewelry, which can contribute to an unpleasant odor. The warmth of the nose and the moist environment can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Regularly cleaning the nose and the jewelry can help minimize the accumulation of mucus and prevent odor. Using a saline solution to irrigate the nasal cavity can also help flush out any mucus and keep the area clean. However, it's important to be gentle and not over-clean the area as it can cause irritation and discomfort.


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