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The Riveting Redheads

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In a world dominated by blondes and brunettes, it’s the redheads that’s always been put on the back burner. You’d rarely see a redhead stealing the scene in movies, TV shows, fashion magazines, music industry, and even in the political scene.

But why shouldn’t they? They’re every bit as interesting as blondes and brunettes alike. Which is why I’ve come up with a list of traits of redheads that kept us captivated with the lot of ‘em. 

Feisty. They can get away with snapping at anyone just because.

They’re redheads. They are known to have fiery personalities that no one would dare provoke them into a fight.

Their strong personalities can be great for those aspiring to positions of power.

Edgy. They are the first to come to mind when in need of an unconventional model.

Blondes and brunettes have become the norm in this world that whenever we opted for something high fashion, it’s a no-brainer that redheads are the best people to do it.

Ardent. They are known to be passionate people. They can be really intense when it comes to their crafts or a cause they believe in.

They’re the best people to hire when you want great results. You can be sure that they’ll give their a hundred and one percent to their work, because that’s who they are.

Unique. They have this distinct color of their hair that you seldom see in your everyday lives.

There’s only about two percent of the total human population that has this type of hair color which makes them very special.

They’re the ones you need to befriend if you looking for someone special to join your exclusive club/group.

Conspicuous. They stand out. Following my previous statement, as redheads are deemed unique, they are definitely visible from a crowd full of golden and brown heads.

They are the ones you want to sit beside within a party to be “in” the party.

Sexy. They have a romantic shade of hair that is very appealing to our eyes. They steal the scene whenever they enter a room and we become enchanted with their vibrant hair color.

Who wouldn’t be?

Diverse. They come in various shades of red. Auburn, Strawberry-blonde, Ginger, Deep Red, Apricot and Copper are just some of the shades of this sundry hair color. Just like the competition, they can be considered kaleidoscopic, which makes them very, very interesting, indeed.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my list? Or did I miss another trait that makes our dear redheads interesting? Let me know and comment below. :) [block id="best-sellers-slider"]

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