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The Petite Woman’s Guide To Dressing Taller

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If you are a petite woman, there will surely be times when your short height gets in the way of your personal style. Maybe you have succumb to the solution of wearing high heels at all times. But did you know that there are other less painful ways to look and dress taller. Here are some of the ways on how to do that:

Wear flared jeans.

Anything that is wide at the bottom can make you look taller than your real height. Why is this so? Well, this style can help to create the illusion of longer legs. When choosing pants, it is recommended that you opt for a pair of pants that falls just above the top of your shoes. For best results, we recommend that you pair flared pants or wide bottom pants with a cropped shirt. If you do not have one, you can just simply tuck your shirt underneath the pants.

Wear a top or dress with V neckline.

When you are not that tall, the best way to look taller is to highlight the upper portion of your body. You should opt for a type of clothing that will draw the attention of the people upward and into your face. You can do that by choosing for a dress or top with plunging neckline.

Opt for maxi skirts.

Many petite women feel that maxi skirts will just make them look shorter and that is why they try to shy away from it. The truth is, it is one of the secrets to making you look taller. Just make sure that the skirt will not overpower your short stature. Opt for one that fits you well and will cover a portion of your feet. It is recommended that you choose one in solid skirts and make sure that your top is fitted.

Opt for high waisted trousers.

When it comes to bottoms, floor grazing pants and shirts are not your only best friends. Another great option is high waisted bottoms like shorts and pants. Just like the other types of pants mentioned, this will also make your legs look slimmer and longer.

Go short.

If you are short, then you might as well embrace your height and go for short clothes. When it comes to bottoms, you can go for either ultra-long or ultra-short. If you are not a fan of maxi skirts or square pants, then go for mini skirts.

Maybe you have not been blessed with a tall stature but that doesn’t mean that you cannot look taller. With the tips mentioned above, you will surely look taller than you really are!

So, are you a petite woman who loves to dress up to look taller? Well, there are many tips that you can certainly use to do so! What were the style tips that you used to do before? Maybe you can share more of your thoughts and ideas below at the comment section?

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