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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a White Outfit

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white outfit match with a bag

It is true that trends come and go but if there is one thing that remains, it is the color white. After all, this color is quite easy to pair with so many women consider it as a classic. However, wearing white comes with some downsides and issues that you can only be able to manage if you will follow the following do’s and don’ts.

Do wear the color white all year round.

If there is one thing to love about the white color is that it is quite flexible. You can wear it with any color of pants, skirts and any bottoms and you can pair it with any other color. In addition to that, white is great for the summer season, fall season and even, the winter season. In short, white is perfect for everything!

Do not wear black pumps.

If you will be wearing an all-white ensemble or a white dress, pairing it with black pumps can make your outfit look quite odd. The best color of footwear for a white dress is either nude or white footwear. If you will be wearing a white outfit during the winter season, you can choose brown shoes.

Do wear boy shorts under a white pants.

Do not forget the fact that white pants tend to be dangerously see through. That’s why you should wear something else to prevent your underwear from showing through. Many people with opt for something that is fitting and with a  fabric that will not let the skin breathe well. Try to avoid doing that and go for a very thin, underpinning and lightweight boy shorts instead.

Don’t be afraid to wear all white.

There is no better way to color white than to go all out. If you are confident in wearing this color, then you should make the most of it by wearing white clothing from head to toe. White on white is a trend that will certainly make you look high fashion in an instant.

Do wear accessories.

Yes, white tends to become boring. If you already think that your outfit is already looking too plain, then it is recommended that you spice up your look by putting on a few accessories. If you wish to keep it simple, we recommend that you go for a colorful printed belt or bag. If you are bold enough, put on a statement necklace or chandelier earrings. That will surely do the trick!

It is true that wearing the white color can be a bit tricky. This is most especially true since the color white tends to be see through, showing off the colored underwear of the wearer. To prevent that from happening, follow the tips mentioned above. Do you love wearing the color white? If yes, maybe you can share to us some more white outfit tips at the comment section!

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