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The Different Ways To Wear Lace Skirt

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how to wear a lace skirt

Lace has become a wardrobe staple today. You can see it being used in blouses, dresses, pants, shorts and the most important thing of all—skirts! There is no best way to look ultra sexy and feminine than donning a lace skirt. However, this piece can sometimes be too challenging to style. There will be times when you will find it hard to figure out what to pair with this type of bottom. Well, we are here to give you some ideas! Here are the perfect type of tops for a lace skirt.

With Muscle Tank or tee

If you want to tone down the feminine vibe of this piece of clothing, the best type of top to pair it with is no other than a simple plain t shirt or muscle tank top. This sporty and edgy top can help to balance off the entire look. It may be a total opposite but this unexpected touch can certainly make the outfit look more interesting. For your footwear, opt for a strappy pair of sandals or a pair of white sneakers.

With a tailored blazer

Laces are not just for weddings. Truth is, you can wear it even to work! To make your lace skirt look more formal and corporate, we recommend that you pair it with a sleeveless or tank top then wear a tailored blazer over it. The addition of the tailored blazer can make this feminine piece look more structured. To add more texture to it, you can also opt for a striped inner top. Finish off the look with nude colored pumps.

With a leather jacket

If you are already tired of the amount of lace that your skirt has and you want to make it look tougher, pair your lace skirt with a black top and wear a leather jacket over it. Maximize the edgy look of your outfit by finishing the look with high ankle boots and a black leather backpack.

With a chambray shirt

It is quite difficult to keep a lace skirt look down to earth and simple. Well, you can do that with the right clothes! For this purpose, the best clothes that you can use is a white tank top and a chambray button down long sleeve top. For a casual look, keep the chambray shirt open. You can also wrap around a black scarf around your neck if it is a bit chilly out there.

With a simple tube top

A lace skirt is already a statement in itself so you do not have to pair it with a trendy top. Sometimes, you just have to let it shine by pairing it with a simple tube top.  

Truly, nothing can make you look more feminine than a lace skirt. To make the most out of the feminine factor of this piece of clothing, follow the styling tips that we have mentioned above! Did we miss out on other lace skirt styling tips? If yes, then please do share some more tips to us below!

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