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The Different Ways To Style Flat Mules

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flat mules

Who says flats can’t be trendy? Well, the flat mules are here to prove you wrong! Truth is, the shoes in the limelight today are no longer those with sky-high heels and pointy ends. Today, the spot light is on the simple, subtle and classy footwear and flat mules are one of them!

Aside from its cool and laidback vibe, flat mules are very comfortable to wear since you will just have to slip them on! Because of this, your feet will look classy without having to experience any blisters, soreness or pain. That’s why it is time to give your feet a break from heels and give it the pampering it needs by jumping into the bandwagon. Here are some of the ways on how you can style your flat mules.

Use it to add a pop of color.

Yes, flat mules can look pretty plain but when used right, it can add a touch of style to any outfit that you have on. The best way to do that is to keep your clothes in neutral color. Wear white tank top with white maxi skirt and a brown bag. After that, you can use your footwear to be the cherry on top of your outfit by opting for a colored flat mules—it can be black, nude or red. If you are feeling a bit playful, you can also try other bright colors like blue or yellow. You can even opt for a beaded or sequined one if you like.

Pull off that laidback vibe.

People adore flat mules for their laidback vibe and you can take advantage of that by pairing it with simple casual clothes. This is most probably the laziest Sunday shoe that you can ever have so feel free to wear it with lazy clothes like a pair of denims with white sleeveless or shirts. Another great idea is to wear a button down shirt with a simple midi skirt and finish off your outfit with flat mules.

Make it edgy.

Yes, even the laziest shoe like a pair of flat mules can go well with edgy. In fact, combining simple with edgy is the best way to balance things out. If you plan on wearing a maxi skirt and a leather jacket over it, then you can try to tame down the edginess of this look by pairing it with flat mules. But of course, make it a bit extra by opting for one with fur at the back.

When not styled right, flat mules have the tendency to look oh so plain but when styled properly, it can make your feet stand out. And the best thing about it? It is extremely versatile. That’s why you should follow the tips mentioned above so you can rock your flat mules.

Do you have a few questions on how to style flat mules? Or you have a few style suggestions on how to wear this footwear? If that is the case, please share them with us in the comments section!

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