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Style Tips To Copy Miranda Kerr’s Amazing Personal Style

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personal style

There is no denying the fact that Miranda Kerr is one of the most stylish women of today. Whether she is strutting down the runway or she is strolling down the streets of NYC, Miranda Kerr always look amazing. Her runway to her off duty model looks are just to die for!

Do you admire Miranda Kerr’s effortless yet flawlessly stylish outfits? Do you wish to know how you can dress up like her? Well, we have just the style tips that you need. Below are a few style tips you need to know to copy Miranda Kerr’s amazing personal style:

Invest in classic, well tailored pieces.

What most people like the most about Miranda Kerr’s style is her ability to look glamorous and fabulous even when wearing just a cool and casual outfit. Want to know what her secret is? She splurges in well tailored pieces that will always remain a classic, meaning they never go out of style. So instead of pairing two trendy pieces together, it is best that you stick with the classics. In addition to that, Miranda is one good example that fit is everything and that is why you should not forget to pay a visit to your tailor from time to time. They are the biggest secret to a stylish look!

When in doubt during summer, wear a hat.

Have you ever spotted Miranda Kerr in paparazzi photos during the summer season? If you take a look at them, you will notice that she almost always wear a hat during the summer season. According to her, hats are a no-fail summer accessory and she has them all—from big straw hats to wide brimmed hats and even fedoras!

When in doubt, wear white.

Miranda is a firm believer of white clothes. In fact, she believes that white clothes, especially dresses, are uplifting and can look great on everyone regardless of what their skin tone is.

When it comes to dresses, she likes to keep things feminine.

When it comes to dresses, she opts for long, flowing ones as these will look perfect not just on the streets but in the beach as well.

Invest in a great handbag and pair of shoes.

Miranda believes that the type of handbags you carry and the type of shoe that you wear can make or break your outfit. But why she recommends investing or splurging in these accessories, she also loves to mix and match luxury brands with affordable ones. Throwing in a few vintage pieces can make your look more interesting too.

Follow the style tips mentioned above and you can definitely copy Miranda Kerr’s amazing sense of style and fashion. If you have a few more questions on how to dress like Miranda Kerr or you wish to share some of the style tips that you have on how to copy Miranda Kerr’s look, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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