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Sneakers 101: Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Sneaks

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Creative ways to dress up with your cool sneakers.

Are you more of a sneakerhead than a pumps lady? If yes, then this post is perfect for you! As we all know, wearing sneakers is the most comfortable thing in the world. Sadly, sneakers have this ability to downplay just about any type of clothing you pair it with.

Well, you will be surprised to know that you can easily dress up your sneaker jeans in the most stylish ways possible! How will you do that? Here are some amazing tips:

Wear it with your LBD.

We know that sneakers and LBD are two wardrobe essentials so what’s keeping you from wearing them together? The appeal of this outfit comes from the contrast between these two pieces. The chill and sporty vibe of your sneakers may be the opposite of the elegance and the girly appeal of your little black dress but they greatly complement each other. For the ultimate look, we recommend that you opt for a black tee or shift dress.

Pair it with a skort.

Skort has been a popular piece of clothing back then and the craze for it faded for a while but now it has come back and with a vengeance. In fact, Taytay is known to sport it from time to time. The best thing about skort is the practicality of it. It has the appeal and sexiness of a skirt and the convenience of wearing a short. In addition to that, it can be worn with high heels, pumps, flats and even, sneakers!

Don it with embellished clothes.

You may think that sparkly and detailed clothes are just for girly footwear. Well, we beg to differ. There are some times when sparkly and embellished clothes tend to be too much and the best way to tone it down is to wear it with something as simple and sporty as a pair of sneakers. Pair your sparkly skirt or shorts with an oversized sweater and high cut sneakers and you will be ready for errand day.

Match it with leather.

We have always thought that leather clothing should be worn with boots. However, wearing two things that look edgy will be too much. If you want to wear your party leather pants casually, we recommend that you pair it with canvass sneakers. You can pair it with a plain shirt and wear a denim jacket over it and you are good to go.

Put contrast to your florals.

Girly and sporty--- why not? A floral dress paired with athletic sneakers is one great way to show how beautiful and at the same time, how laidback you are. You will definitely exude that girl-next-door vibe!

Truly, sneakers are the footwear of this generation and you have no valid reasons not to join the band wagon. After all, they are comfy, stylish and extremely versatile. It can match all the types of clothing that you have and you can even use it to spice up your outfit! So, have you finally joined the sneakers bandwagon? How many pairs do you own? Feel free to share your sneaker stories with us on the comment section!

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