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How To Wear Sequined Clothing During Daytime

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sequined clothing

Sequins on a daytime? Is that even possible? Are we kidding? No, of course not! We are all aware that sequins are the life of the party and sequined clothing is usually worn to parties and nightclubs. But that doesn’t mean that wearing sequins during daytime is totally out of the question.

If you wish to break away from the norm, then you should start considering wearing sequins during daytime. And we are here to help you do that! Here are some of the style tips that will teach you how to rock this supposedly nighttime outfit in the streets during daytime:

Sequined Piece: Skirt

One of the best sequined pieces that you can wear during daytime is no other than a pencil skirt. If you have a sequined skirt hiding at the back of your closet, it is about time that you take it out from there and put it to good use. To downplay the style factor of this type of skirt, we suggest that you get a laidback loose cotton sweatshirt as this can make the entire outfit look more casual. For best results, we recommend that you opt for a sweatshirt that is of the same shade as your sequined skirt. Just simply add a dash of color to your outfit by wearing either a clutch, handbag or footwear in a contrasting color.

Sequined Piece: Sparkly shoes

For sure, you have at least one pair of sparkly shoes that you usually wear during formal occasions or night outs. Well, we have a surprise for you—you can wear your sparkly shoes to the streets too! But if this is too much for you, we recommend pairing your sparkly shoes with laidback outfits like a pair of distressed denim pants and an oversized sweater. This simple outfit can tame down the party look of your shoes while the shoes can amp up the glamor factor of your laidback outfit.

Sequined Piece: Turtleneck Sweater

If you have a piece of sequined turtleneck which usually wear during winter night outs, then there is one street outfit that you can pull off. We know that this type of clothing can be a bit intimidating but you can turn this high fashion look into a low key one by pairing it with denim pants (yet again) and of course, the fashion industry’s favorite comfort footwear—white sneakers. To make the outfit look more laidback, we recommend putting on a body bag.

So you see, wearing sequined clothing during daytime is possible! You just have to follow the different style tips that we have mentioned above and you can turn any sequined clothing into a streetstyle star! If you have a few more questions on how to wear sequined clothing during daytime or if there are a few style tips that you think we have missed, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section! All your comments are highly appreciated!

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