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How To Wear Lace-Up Flats

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lace up flats

Before, high heels and pumps were all the rage but thanks to the 2014 fashion shows, it paved the way for women to finally take notice and pay attention to the most neglected piece of footwear in the market--- flats. Now, more and more women are falling more in love with it, especially with the design that they call lace-up flats.

However, there are still a few women who have no idea how they can rock the flats trend. If you are one of these women, then you are surely missing out on a lot. It is about time that you check out the different ways on how to style the ankle strap flats. Here are some of them.

Keep it soft and edgy.

Who would have ever thought that you can use the words, soft and edgy, in one sentence? Or better yet, as one cohesive statement? Well, with the help of lace up flats, this is not at all impossible. So how do you combine soft and edgy? Pair a lace long sleeve (soft) with black skinny pants and a cap with studs (edgy). To make the look more cohesive, we recommend putting on a chic footwear like the lace up flats.

Casual is the way to go.

As we all know, flats are effortless so the best look to aim for is nothing else but casual. If you are already way too tired of your usual t shirt and shorts ensemble, we recommend that you use the lace up flats to add some pizzazz to this plain and casual outfit. Of course, if it is cold outside, we also recommend that you wear a long cardigan or trench coat over the shirt and you are good to go.

Go all-black.

There is no other color that is more fabulous and glamorous than the color black. That is why we recommend that you clad yourself from head to toe in all things black. You can wear a black slip dress, pair it with a black vest with a simple white vertical stripes and of course, do not forget to pair it with black lace up flats to make your outfit cooler and more chic.

Go girly.

Flats, especially ballet flats, are meant to look very girly. For a girly look, we recommend that you pair lace or scalloped black shorts with a white top or a button down long sleeve to achieve that effortlessly chic look. Finish off the entire outfit with lace up ballet flats for that ultimate sophisticated look.

If you think it is impossible for you to look great when wearing flats, the lace-up flats will surely make you think twice. Follow the tips mentioned above and you will surely look amazing in flats. If you have more questions and style tips, please feel free to share them to us in the comments section! We would love to hear from you!

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