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How To Wear Flare Pants Without Looking Like You Stepped Out of That 70’s Show

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flare pants

You may have already realized this by now but we just want to tell you in case you still didn’t know. Trends come and go but they also come back from time to time. That’s why it is no longer surprising to see that the trends from the 70’s are starting to come back and invade the streets and fashion shows. One of the most notable 70’s trends that you would encounter today is no other than the flare pants.

But because flare pants have become the most significant trend of the 70’s, it is difficult for some people to erase their thinking that flare pants are from the 70’s. Well, flare pants can be that plus more, only if you know how to style it right. If you wish to put a 20th century spin to this 70’s trend, here are some of the tips that you should know about.

Denim is the key.

What is the 70’s trend? Denim flare pants! What is the 20th century trend? Denim on denim! If that’s the case, then we suggest combining both, go denim on denim by wearing denim flare pants with a sexy denim top. Since the flare pants is already loose and flowy, you can try pairing it with a tight fitting, corset-like denim top that will help balance off the look. If the denim top is too revealing for you, we suggest wearing a sheer black or white top underneath it. Now, that’s so 2016!

Go for co-ords.

Flares may be from the 70’s but there is no denying the fact that co-ords are so now. So try mixing these two trends by opting for a flare pants with matching top and jacket. If you will be attending and event, we suggest that you ditch the top and go bare underneath that jacket. But if that would be too revealing, then spice things up by wearing a lace bra or tube top underneath.

Put a modern twist on the 70’s style

Let’s face it—the flare pants looked its best during the 70’s but that doesn’t mean that we can no longer make it more modern. You can still embrace the 70’s while looking so 2000 by opting for orange or dark red colored flare pants. You can also pair it with an top with a shade that is equally 70’s like caramel, cream and rust. To break the monotony, we recommend accessorizing with the dark blue color.

So you see, the style of the flare pants can go beyond the 70’s. It can also be 10th century if you will follow all the tips that we have mentioned above.

Do you have a few more questions or do you wish to share with us a few tips on how to wear flare pants without looking like you stepped out of That 70’s show? If so, please do head to our comments section. We will be waiting for you there!

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