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How To Wear A Cape Dress

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cape dress

When you hear the word cape, the least thing that would come to mind would be fashion. But since the fashion industry is constantly evolving, cape dress is now a thing. Yes, it is! (and it is actually one of the most stylish dresses out there today!).

Women fell in love with this type of dress because of one simple thing—sophistication. As compared to all the other dresses out there, it stands out because of how elegant and high-end it looks. In fact, it is the dress to wear if you wish to achieve the high-end fashion look without exerting too much effort.

But how do you style a cape dress? How do you make it look as elegant and sophisticated as possible? Well, here are some tricks that you can try:

Keep it all black.

If you want to prevent yourself from looking like a superhero, we suggest that you come as a woman in black. After all, black is always classy—never trashy! What we have in mind is that you put on a mini black cape dress, wear a pair of black leggings underneath it and pair it with a pair of black pointed pumps. To avoid looking like a mobster, we recommend donning a piece of gorgeous statement necklace that will add a touch of sophistication to your already elegant look.

Go boho chic.

Yes, cape dresses may seem high end but it can also be versatile enough to achieve a boho look when styled properly. And what can you do to look bohemian? Well, instead of wearing a pair of black leggings underneath, we recommend wearing a pair of thigh high boots with it. In this way, a bit of skin will show off, making the entire look more casual. To add that boho touch, we recommend wearing a brown turban around your head.

Add a touch of color.

If you think that all-black can be a bit boring for you, then you can swap your black pumps with a bright red one. That will give your look a touch of playfulness and creativity.

Opt for a laced one.

If you wish to up the ante and make the cape dress a lot more eye catching, we recommend that you opt for one with great lace details. But make sure to keep it short. After all, you would not like to look like a walking curtain, would you?

Not everyone can be brave enough to don a cape dress but those who are courageous enough can enjoy all the amazing benefits that it can give. With the style tips mentioned above, you will never have to be intimidated by wearing a cape dress ever again.

Do you have more questions on how to wear a cape dress? Or maybe you would like to share with us a few of your styling tips? If so, please head to our comments section! We would love to hear from you.

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