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How To Style Wide Leg Pants

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leg pants

When it comes to summer, the first type of clothing that would surely come to mind is no other than your lightweight and breeze dresses. When it comes to winter, you would definitely opt for something that will cover up your legs and arms, right? Well, did you know that there is one type of clothing that can work well for these two seasons?

Well, this is no other than your wide leg pants! This type of pants is light and breezy enough to keep you feeling cool during the summer days and it is also long enough to keep you looking stylish and feeling warm during the winter season. With that in mind, wide leg pants are definitely a wardrobe staple for women. If you wish to know how to style wide leg pants, here are some of the  things that you should know.

For Work

Yes, no matter how cool and casual it looks, your wide leg pants are also suitable for work too. But of course, you have to style it properly. Well, don’t worries. We are here to help you out! If you have printed wide leg trousers, we recommend that you pair it with a plain top. To make it look corporate, you can wear a tailored blazer over it. This may seem quite simple but with this tip, you can add a modern twist on your usual work suit. Another perfect wide leg pants for work are those that are flowy but comes in casual fabric. If you have a chambray wide leg pants, you can make it look more crisp and clean by pairing it with a classic option—your white long sleeve button down shirt.

For The Summer

You can play around with the different textures, colors and designs of wide leg pants during the summer season. You can take advantage of that opportunity by pairing it with the summer’s latest top—the crop top. Of course, you should opt for a bright colored wide leg pants to make your look enticing and eye catching.

For Dates

Do not hesitate to put on the trendiest wide leg pants of all—your all-over printed wide leg pants. Let the pants shine through by pairing it with a plain sophisticated looking top. To make the look more stylish and fabulous, we recommend tying a scarf (in the same shade or texture as your wide leg pants) around your neck. You can also opt for a scarf in a contrasting yet complementary pattern to make your look more cohesive and glamorous.

With the styling tips mentioned above, you can definitely style your wide leg pants in the best way you can! If you have a few more questions on how to style wide leg pants or if you have a few ideas that you want to share them with us, please head to our comments section! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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