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How To Master The Art of Layering Your Jewelry

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Master the art of layering jewelry.

If you are given the chance to wear lots of jewelry, why would you settle for just one? Well, the fashion industry gives you that opportunity to layer your jewelry so what are you doing wearing just one piece?

If you are  a fashion lover, there is a high chance that you have a drawer (or an entire closet, even!) that is dedicated to only just accessories. But despite that, you might be wearing only one piece of jewelry every day. Well, we have news for you; you can make the most out of your jewelry collection if you will layer your jewelry pieces. To help you to do that, here are some things to keep in mind:

Mix heavy with dainty.

When it comes to layering your jewelry, mixing and matching is the key. Wearing heavy accessories with other heavy accessories will make the entire look seem overdone. To prevent this from happening, mix dainty pieces of accessories with heavy ones so it will look even and balanced.

Use jewelry with the same metal.

If you are just starting out on layering, we recommend that you play it safe first. To achieve a good look and to break the monotony of a solid colored top, we recommend that you layer on necklaces that are made using the same metal. But make sure that the jewelry that you have on is not the same color as your top. This is the best way to do color blocking.

Wear necklaces with different lengths.

Wearing too many necklaces with the same length will make your look too crowded. To prevent that from happening, we recommend that you choose necklaces in varying lengths. Start off with a 16 inch long necklace. After that, choose a necklace that is 1-inch shorter than the first. This will make it look more dynamic and you do not have to worry about tangles!

Play with colors.

If you will be dressing up for the summer, you have all the right to play with colors. Instead of going for colored jewelry, we recommend that you opt for silver or gold ones with colored stones to achieve an elegant look.

Don’t leave out your ears.

Did you think that layered jewelry is just for your neck, fingers or bracelets? Well, do not forget about your ears! How do you do that? Well, you can just simply pair cuffs, cartilage earrings, stud earrings altogether. If you do not have this many piercings, you can just simply opt for fake or clip on earrings to achieve this look.

Now that you already know how to layer your jewelry pieces, your outfit will never look the same way ever again! These simple tips will surely help you to layer your jewelry like a pro! Do you love accessories? Do you usually layer them? If yes, how do you do it? If not, why not? Share to us some of your thoughts at the comment section!

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