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How To Incorporate Your Alternative Style in Your Prom Look

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Cool Prom Look In Black

Do you want to sport a gothic look to the prom? What is preventing you from doing so? Maybe you do not know how to incorporate your alternative style to a formal dress like a prom dress or maybe you are doubtful that doing so is possible. But it is!

Truth is, there are many ways on how you can enjoy the gothic look during your prom evening. Do you wish to know what these are? Well, here are some of the style tips that you should know about:

Opt for a corset and skirt combination.

Do you know what is the best way to sport an alternative style in a formal event like the prom? Well, we do! We say that you ditch the one-piece long gown style and opt for something more versatile and alternative like the skirt and corset combination. The best thing about this option is that a fitted corset can work well with just about any designs, shapes and types of skirt. You can choose from A-Line to serpentine, to bustles to laces to fishtail skirt that hugs your body real tight. You can also choose from long to midi skirts.  Because of this, you are free to wear any skirt that will suit your body shape and personal style well.

Go with color.

Just because you like gothic, it doesn’t mean that you should only stick with the black color. If you love to try out something new, then we recommend that you experiment with it. You can choose from other hushed shades like dark blue, purple, gold and the likes. If you opt to go with something bright and colorful and just let your accessories do the talking which lead us to the next tip…

Opt for unique, dramatic and out-of-this-world accessories.

For prom jewelry, do not just go for the elegant ones. Keep in mind that prom is one of the best nights of your highschool life so let your freak flag fly. Aside from necklaces and earrings, one of the best accessories that you can wear is the septum ring. If you think that having your septum pierced is too painful, we recommend choosing a fake septum ring instead.

Who here says that you can never bring your gothic look to the prom? Who here thinks that it is impossible for you to enjoy your gothic look when attending a formal event like the prom? Whoever you are, we hope that by now, you have already understood that you can play with the gothic look for the prom. All that you have to do is follow the tips mentioned above and you can freely embrace your personal style to one of the best days of your highschool life—the prom!

Do you have any other questions on how to incorporate your alternative style into your prom look? Or maybe you have some gothic prom style tips that you would like to share with us? If that is the case, then please do head to our comments section! We and our readers will be glad to hear from you!

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