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How To Dress Up Your Striped Shirts

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dress up your striped shirt

The spotlights in the fashion industry are finally at the cute, pretty and preppy Breton Navy Striped top. This type of top has been in the industry for many years already but it was just recently that it has been at the limelight. But since it is already invading the runways, boutiques, magazine pages, it is about time that we talk about the different ways to dress up this top. Well, here are some amazing styling tips for you.

Keep it simple and sporty.

Yes, the Breton navy striped top will make you look instantly chic but it can also make you look sporty if you will pair it with distressed or ripped denim cutoffs and a pair of high cut Chucks. For a sexy look, we recommend that you opt for a pair of high waist shorts that will make you look summer ready.

Opt for a dress up casual look.

If you are torned between pulling off a casual look or a dressed up look, do not worry! This is because you can actually do both while wearing your striped shirt. How? Just simply wear your striped top with a pair of distressed jeans and pair it with a gorgeous pair of black pumps that will surely make you look party ready.

Mix it up!

When wearing your striped shirt, do not be afraid to mix up patterns! You can actually mix and match your prints as it can be treated as a neutral palette. That is why it is safe to mix with floral or animal prints. In fact, it will look best with a bright floral skirt that will give you that fun yet feminine look.

Wear print on print.

If you are afraid to wear print on print, then you can start with a  safe option. What is the safe option, you may ask? Well, a bottom that has a print with the same color scheme as your Breton navy striped top.

Be summer ready.

You can wear this top during the summer season. The perfect look? Pair your striped shirt with a pair of white shorts. Tuck in your top and cinch your waist with a black leather belt.

Keep it classy.

If you wish to wear this striped top the way the British do by pairing it with a dark navy blue blazer, skinny jeans, leather bag and a pair of black pumps or high ankle boots. Also, do not forget your oversized black sunnies for that off duty model look.

Whether you are aiming for a Parisian chic look or an East Coast preppy appeal, the Breton Navy striped top is for you! There are plenty of ways on how you can style and dress it up. Just simply follow the tips that we have mentioned above. Did we miss out some style tips? If you know more tips, please share them to us at the comment section!

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