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Biggest Swimwear Trends That Plus Size Women Will Love

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swimwear trends

Are you conscious about your body? Do you think you are not fit enough to wear a swimwear? We beg to differ! We believe that anyone and everyone can and should wear whatever it is they want to wear, even bathing suits. And lucky for you, the fashion industry seems to agree with us. Why do we say this? Well, that’s because they have released a new set of swimwear trends that are perfect for the plus size women.

If you wish to look rocking this coming summer season, we recommend that you take  a look at the following trends:


The biggest dress trend this season is also the best swimwear trend this season and that is no other than cutouts. Today, swimsuits come in different types of cutouts from teeny tiny holes in the sides to full on lattice work in the neckline—you have a wide array of options to choose from! But of course, you will have to worry about the weird tan lines later on! But who cares? After all, you will get to look smoking hot in the beach!


If you like to keep things simple, this is the trend that you should try. Today, we welcome back the simple yet stunning swimwear designs once again. With this trend, you can turn your back from intricate details like ruffles, ruches, twists and many more and just simply focus on keeping things as minimal as possible. Remember the bathing suits that the women wore in Bay Watch? That’s a refreshing change from all the intricate detailing that we have seen from the past swimwear trends.

All Laced Up!

Just like the cutouts, this trend shows off skin in the most mysterious and sexy way possible. Lace up trend is popular in all types of clothing so it did not come as a surprise that they would end up invading the swimwear industry as well. Most of the swimsuits feature lace up designs at the sides of the bikini, at the back and even in the cleavage part.

Meshed Layers

If you love the cutout trend but you do not like showing off too much skin, then this is another option for you. Mesh is your first line of defense against showing off too much skin and it can make you feel and look sexy without giving up your humility. Plus, the mesh look will make the outfit look more mysterious.

With these swimwear trends, you can surely sport a hot and sexy swimwear without feeling shy or awkward. After all,these trends are specifically designed for you and your body type! So what are you waiting for? Purchase a swimsuit now and flaunt your body confidently during the summer season!

If you have a few more questions about the biggest swimwear trends or you have a few swimwear ideas that you think will be perfect for plus size women, please share them with us in the comments section!

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