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Back to School (That Means You, too)!

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Back to School (That Means You, too)!

It’s back-to-school season! People everywhere are scrambling for last-minute school supplies, meet-the-teacher events, and clothes shopping. Parents are trying to keep lids on kids who cannot wait for that first day of school and reassuring those who are nervous or scared about starting a new grade, or even a new school, and many are counting down to that first day of freedom! And there’s no shame in being excited for a few hours to yourself each day!

But what do you plan to do with yourself once the kids are back in school? We don’t mean little things, like take a shower uninterrupted, binge-watch your favorite show, or work! We want to know what it is that you’ve always wanted to do with your life (aside from raise your precious little ones). What are your dreams for your career? What did YOU want to be when you grew up? Why aren’t you doing those things now?

Dream Day Dreaming Alice In Wonderland

Recall the Dream

For many of us with families, we are 150% content with our lives. We love our children, and we’ve spent many years as happy, fulfilled parents. However, not one of us grew up without childhood dreams of things we wanted to be as adults. Sure, things like “princess,” and “president” might be a bit harder than others, but think for a moment. How many of you wanted to be writers, actors, dancers, etc.? How many thought about starting your own business, whatever it may be? Now, let us ask again: Why aren’t you doing that RIGHT NOW?

Wake Up!

Snap out of it! No, not the dream you just relived! Get rid of the mentality that you can no longer pursue that dream of yours. If you don’t believe us, ask your kids! You’ll hear many of your own words echoed back to you, and you should listen to every one of them! But, if examples and proof are more your thing, allow us to accommodate!

Dreaming Day Dreaming

We Know People Who…

Recently, we’ve done some incredible interviews with some amazing, inspiring women. One of the most important things we’ve learned from them is that amazing begins with US. They did not get where they are by daydreaming their dreams, hoping and wishing and waiting for the perfect time. They taught us that we must MAKE the time perfect and use our own hands (not a magic wand) to turn our dreams into reality, and that the only way to do it is to, well, DO IT! Nothing stands in their way (not even age, and we’re talking about women who started making a big name for themselves before they were out of their teens)!

My friend’s dad once told me that the way to success was to take that dream and wishful thinking from the couch to the street. And he was right! I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, and I spent years writing failed stories and posting random thoughts, poems, and rants on sites that are now defunct. However, I was only spinning my wheels, because I spent a great deal of time telling myself that, without more practice and the right connections, I would never get where I wanted to be. And at the time, I was right! I had already decided that I would fail, so that is exactly what I was doing: failing.

Now, I am a writer for this amazing septum jewelry site’s blog, I take on freelance writing projects, and I am a full-time proofreader/editor. How? I stopped waiting for the “right connections” to find me, and I got busy finding them myself!

Dreaming woman dream

Plans + Actions = Success

In today’s world, there is a need for freelance EVERYTHING. Go to Google, and type in “Freelance (insert your dream career here),” and see what you find. There are websites everywhere devoted to helping freelancers in every field, no matter your skill level or experience. Investigate those. But don’t stop there! Do your homework (hence the back-to-school title!), and research gateways into your dream life. Do you need a portfolio? If so, how would you put one together? Is there a site that can help you do it? It’s always been true, but in today’s world, it’s never been easier, or more possible: If you can dream it, you can do it! So, take some of that great advice you’ve been giving your kids about succeeding and believing in themselves, and take yourselves to school!

What is YOUR Possible Dream?

Talk to us! What is it that you dream of becoming? What did you want to be when you grew up? Tell us your stories, and resurrect those dreams! We want to help you become those amazing things!

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