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Valentine’s Day for the Anti-Valentine

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anti valentine's day

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s day is EVERYWHERE you look. Literally. EVERYWHERE. Yippee.

Many people love this holiday of romance and passion. However, SOME people would rather do anything else besides celebrating it. Like spending a quiet evening alone. Or, gouge out their eyes!

However, we have a better idea! If you’re one of those (or you’re with someone) who hates the traditional Valentine’s day mush and it IS possible to celebrate the holiday YOUR WAY! Read on for some ideas as to how it!

anti valentine's day party ideas for a bar

Halloween, . 2

Personally, I think Valentine’s day would be much better if it were a second Halloween. I know many other people who feel the same way! But, how in the world can you celebrate Halloween at this time of year? Won’t the Valentine’s day fanatics think you’re crazy?

First of all, who cares if they DO?? The point of enjoying ANY holiday is to celebrate it YOUR way! Make it special to you and those with whom you choose to celebrate it. There’s never anything wrong with being unique, remember?

The real question is HOW to celebrate it. We know that Halloween decorations and garb are not exactly falling from the sky at this time of year. However, where there’s a will, there IS a way! Break out all your Halloween stuff from last year and put it all up your house! This way, you can feel the Halloween atmosphere AND avoid making yourself shy if see you and start asking questions. And don’t forget your costume; no Halloweentine’s Day is complete without it!

If you don’t still have your decorations/costumes, get creative! Spend the day making your own! Dig up (or buy) some construction paper, cardboard, paint and old clothes, and go nuts! OR, you can always find all the Halloween stuff you could possibly want online.

Also, if you have a group of friends/relatives who love the idea of celebrating a second Halloween, get together and plan a costume party! Combine all your decorations and costumes, do each other’s makeup, and party down! That’s exactly what I’m planning to do!).

anti valentines day gifts

Anti-Valentine’s Day

If you’re not a big Halloween fan, but you still don’t feel like reveling in the pink-and-red gushy Valentine vibe, plan an anti-Valentine’s day! This can involve anything (literally ANYTHING) that you consider to be the opposite of all things Valentine’s day. You can spend the day watching movies or reading good books (NOT of the romantic persuasion, of course), eating healthy foods (as opposed to all the Valentine candy), throwing un-themed party, or anything else that speaks to you in an anti-Valentine’s day fashion.

Whether you do this alone, with a friend/partner, or a group of friends, is entirely up to you. The whole point is to find a way to enjoy Valentine’s day YOUR way. However, we do recommend that you don’t plan a shopping spree! Of course, you can if you’d like, but if your goal is to avoid all the Valentine’s day hype, shopping on Valentine’s day will be totally counterproductive. Of course, you could always go on an online shopping spree! That way, you can choose the through which you surf, and avoid the stuff you don’t want to see!

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