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How To Wear Shirt Under a Dress Like a Cool Girl

shirt under a dress
Wearing a shirt under the dress might just be the oldest trend there is. But don’t be fooled by its age because up until now, it is one of the biggest fashion secrets that many models and fashion stylists use. But while it looks cool for the cool girls, regular people who try doing this trend just can’t seem to get it right. They always end up looking like a bunch of nerds trying to look cool.

We are help you look the same way the cool ladies do when they wear a shirt under their dress. Here are some amazing tips:
  • Pair a striped shirt with plain black slip dress.
  • Turn your slip dress into casual daytime outfit.
  • Aim for preppy.
  • Swap your shirt for a long sleeve button down shirt during winter.
  • Wear shirt under your boho dress.

How To Wear a Shirt Dress Without Looking Like a Plain Jane

shirt dress
The shirt dress looks just like a shirt but its hem extends up to just above the knee to look like a dress. The main reason why women love this type of this dress is its versatility. It can be paired with pumps, strap on sandals, sneakers and even, boots! In addition to that, it is also very comfortable. However, there is one downside to it—it tends to make you look super plain. But worry not, here are some styling tips to your rescue:
  • Pair it with fedora.
  • Leather it up!
  • Try out alternative fashion.
  • Mix prints.
  • Scarf is the answer.
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