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How To Look Sexy While Wearing A Shirt Dress

shirt dress
Many people think that when it comes to fashion, style and comfort don’t mix and that is the reason why most women shy away from wearing simple dresses like a shirt dress. Many women think that while they can feel comfortable wearing a shirt dress, it will be impossible for them to look stylish and sexy when wearing it. They think that it will make them look frumpy. Well, we certainly beg to differ!

There are many ways to look sexy while wearing a short dress. If you wish to make your shirt dress look as stylish as possible, take a look at these tips:
  • Have the shift dress tailored
  • Opt for colorful or printed ones
  • Make sure that they are of the right length
  • Wear it with flats

How To Wear a Shirt Dress Without Looking Like a Plain Jane

shirt dress
The shirt dress looks just like a shirt but its hem extends up to just above the knee to look like a dress. The main reason why women love this type of this dress is its versatility. It can be paired with pumps, strap on sandals, sneakers and even, boots! In addition to that, it is also very comfortable. However, there is one downside to it—it tends to make you look super plain. But worry not, here are some styling tips to your rescue:
  • Pair it with fedora.
  • Leather it up!
  • Try out alternative fashion.
  • Mix prints.
  • Scarf is the answer.
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