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How To Dress Like a Parisian

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How To Dress Like a Parisian

When it comes to fashion, nothing can ever beat the Parisians. Their flawless sartorial look is to die for. Sadly, if you are not a Parisian, it will be quite impossible and difficult for you to pull off such look (or many of us think).

For your information, there are actually lots of ways on how you can dress like a Parisian, even if you are not one! How do you do it? Well, below we present to you some of the amazing style tips on how to dress like a Parisian without breaking the bank!

Wear stripes.

Whether you like it or not, striped shirts are the go-to tops of Parisians. If you are in doubt, just simply wear one in color black and white and you can surely achieve the chic Parisian look. Pair it with an unexpected bottom like wide leg pants and wear a beret on your head and no one will ever think that you are not a Parisian.

Keep it less.

Many Parisians believe that less is always more. That is why the simpler your outfit is, the more Parisian it will look. Avoid wearing too much accessories and opt for plain and simple clothes, instead of choosing ruffled and embellished ones. One of the best aspects of the Parisian style is looking chic without putting in too much effort.

Keep your silhouettes relaxed.

Avoid anything that will look too structured because that is not the Parisian way. Too form fitting clothes have no space in the French women wardrobe. Achieve a more carefree style by choosing clothes with relaxed fits. However, you should try to prevent yourself from choosing clothes that are too baggy as they will make you look lousy.

Keep your heel low.

High heels may help you to achieve that high end fashion look but with them around, it will be impossible for you to dress like a Parisian. Why? Well, this is because French women are not fans of anything that will require them to exert too much effort. That is why they love keeping their shoes as low as possible. If in doubt, just simply wear flats.

Get the shades out.

Wondering how to make any outfit look Parisian chic? Well, think no further. We know just the thing—oversized sunnies! Just put them on and it is bound to make any outfits look more chic than they really are.

Yes, anyone can dress like a Parisian. You do not have to be one to do it nor you do not have to have the perfect body figure to look like one. All the tips mentioned above will help you to do just that! If you have any more questions or you would like to share more style tips with us, feel free to share them to us in the comments section!

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