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How To Wear Sequin Tops

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Holiday is almost upon us and I am pretty sure that as early as now, you are already thinking of the outfits that you will wear to all the holiday parties that you have been invited to. I totally get that. After all, I am doing the exact same thing! And for sure, one of the problems that you have encountered while planning your outfit is that your clothes are either too boring or sparkly for the holiday season.

Well, I have some good news for you: nothing is too sparkly during the holidays. In fact, the sparkler it is, the better! And that is why you should stop from hiding your sequin tops at the back of your closet. But as we know, sequin tops can be quite difficult to style. But we are here to your rescue! Here are some of the ways on how to wear sequin tops:

Avoid wearing too much accessories.

This is the most obvious tip of all but it is worth reminding you this over and over again. Yes, there is nothing wrong with wearing accessories but if you are already wearing something as embellished as a sequined top, you may wish to dial down on the bling. But if you insist on wearing a few, we suggest that you stick with subtle matte ones.

Pair it with camouflage.

Do you think your black sequin top is a bit glamorous and feminine for your style? Don’t worry! We have the solution for that. We recommend pairing your black sequin top with something a bit boyish and laidback as a pair of camouflage fitting pants. Yes, this may seem contradicting but doing so will give your outfit that balanced look. Of course, amp up its dressy factor by pairing the ensemble with a pair of pointed silver, gold or black pumps.

Add a playful touch into it.

If you think that your sequin top is a bit too serious for its look, then we siggest making it look more playful and how can you do that? Simple! Pair it with a neon colored midi skirt! Of course, a neon green colored skirt would look great with a gold sequined top while the colors red or blue will look best with black sequined top.

Make it slouchy.

If you will be attending a not-so-formal party, we suggest that you make your sequin top a bit slouchy. And how would you do that? Simple! Are you familiar with the slouchy pants that are currently trending? You can pair your sequin top with it and opt for flats instead of heels.

With the tips mentioned above, there is no doubt that you will look amazing for the holidays. Wear your sequin tops in the ways that we have mentioned above and you will certainly be the belle of the ball.

Do you have any questions on how to wear sequin tops? Or maybe you are a sequin expert and you wish to share a few styling suggestions with us? Whatever the case, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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