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How to Wear Lace on Different Occasions

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There is no denying the fact that lace is one of the most fashionable fabrics there are. Just a simple addition of this fabric can instantly make any outfit look elegant and eye catching. However, wearing lace can be quite tricky as many people perceive this to be a fabric for special and more formal occasions.

But that does not always have to be the case. When styled properly, lace can be worn in all types of occasions. You want to know how? Here are some of the styling tips that you should know about:

For Date Night

For the perfect date night, the perfect look would be fun and flirty and you can easily achieve that with the help of a colored lace dress. Stop with the subtle lace colors and opt for something brighter and more noticeable so you can unravel your inner playful self. To style your colored lace dress, we recommend working with sleek and understated accessories. You can opt for nude or black ankle strap heels, gold or silver clutch and jewelry. Keep it as simple as possible because your goal here is to make your colored lace dress the center of attention.

For a Night Out

Yes, you can wear your lace dress even for a night out. But instead of wearing a lace dress (you should reserve it for occasions that are more formal), you should opt for a lace sheer top. To make the sheer top look more glamorous, pair it with tailored shorts. Finish the entire look with strappy high heeled sandals, a simple clutch and earrings. To capture everyone’s attention, pull your hair back and put on a show stopping chandelier earrings.

For Work

Before, wearing lace clothing to work is considered taboo but thanks to the evolution of the fashion industry, lace is now more than welcome in the workplace. But of course, you have to keep it work appropriate and you can do that by opting for something conservative yet stylish. Some of the elements to look for include a demure neckline, below-the- knee hemline and an elegant sleeve. To prevent it from looking too conservative, you can accessorize it with playful items like animal printed handbags, cuff earrings, and black pumps.

For the Weekend

If you will be going on a weekend brunch with the girls, you can play with lace. What we recommend is to opt for a romantic blouse. Tame its feminine look with a pair of denim pants, pointy flats and you are good to go!

With the tips mentioned above, you will surely be able to style the perfect lace outfit. And you will surely not regret it. After all, the lace fabric is timeless so you can put these styles tips to good use for a long time.

If you have a few questions on how to style the lace fabric or if you wish to share with us some of your treasured lace style tips, please do head to our comments section!

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