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How To Style Printed Leggings

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printed leggings

Many of you will surely agree with this—leggings are the best type of bottoms that have ever been invented in the fashion industry. It is versatile, convenient, easy to match with, very comfortable to wear and the best of all—it comes in different fabrics, colors and designs! Why would you ever want to wear the stiff and very uncomfortable denim pants when you have this pair of soft pants right here?

For those of you who got crazy when printed leggings first came out, you might probably have plenty of them in your closet. And most probably, you have no idea what to do with them. Well, we are here to help fix that dilemma of yours. Here are the different ways on how to style printed leggings:

Keep it casual and simple.

If you are planning to run an errand or you are just going to take a walk down the park, we recommend that you wear your printed leggings! The perfect partners for this bottom would be no other than a chambray shirt and a white pair of sneakers. For sure, you cannot think of an outfit that would be much more comfortable than that!

Keep it edgy.

If you wish to keep your leggings a bit edgy, you can do that by pairing it with a black top and finishing off the look with ankle leather boots. By doing this, you can also fully show off the print as it can be a great contrast to the darkness of your boots.

Get all dressed up.

If you want a more dressed up look, we recommend that you opt for a long button down top. For the summer, a sleeveless chiffon one would be perfect but come wintertime, you can choose a long sleeve button down. Again, pair the leggings with ankle boots and be amazed at how instantly dressed up the legging outfit you have on will look.

Go boho.

You can also use your tribal printed leggings to channel your inner bohemian goddess by pairing it with white flowy top and a pair of fringed brown boots. This is probably one of the most chic yet comfortable outfit that you can ever put on.

Look like the ultimate college girl.

Want to walk down memory lane? You can do so! Just simply go back to your roots by wearing it with your college sweatshirt and a pair of boots. If you wish to dress it up a bit, you can try accessorizing with chunky necklaces.

It is about time that you put your printed leggings to good use. Follow any or all of the tips that we have mentioned above and you can surely style your printed leggings right. So, do you have any questions? Or maybe you have some more style tips to share with us? Don’t worry! We have a comment section down below where you can share all of those!

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