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How To Rock The Paper Bag Waist Pants

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waist pants

Paper bag waist pants? Decades ago, no woman in her right mind would want to wear these loose fitting harem looking pants. Thankfully, the fashion industry evolved and more and more women are being exposed to the fact that tight fitting clothes are not the only thing that they can wear—that if they are fashion risk taker enough, they will look equally gorgeous in paper bag waist pants as they look in their skinny jeans.

Wondering how you can be able to pull off this look? Well, worry not! Here are some tips that you should know about.

Pair it with a crop top.

Planning to go on a  night out or have a leisurely night stroll at the beach? Well, we have the best ensemble for you—a crop top and a paper bag waist pants. For night outs, we recommend that you opt for a plain black crop top and paired with plain colored or printed black paper bag waist pants and high heeled pumps. Of course, gold accessories would make the ensemble look more glamorous. For the beach, we recommend pairing white or cream crop top, printed paper bag waist pants and strappy flats.

Keep it simple.

If you wish to wear your paper bag waist pants like a cool girl, we recommend that you just keep it simple like the cool girls do. How to do that? Just simply wear it with a plain colored crop top! White is always a classic. To put a bit of pizzazz to your outfit, you can try wearing long necklace and high heeled boots.

Keep it edgy.

Even the paper bag waist pants can look edgy! The best way to do that is to wear it with a black tank top, leather jacket and some cool shades. You would certainly not believe how cool you look when you try this ensemble!

Use a paper bag waist shorts instead.

If you think that the paper bag waist pants is not for you, then you can still try out this trend without totally committing to it by switching to the paper bag waist shorts instead. What are the best clothes to pair with this type of shorts, you may ask? A simple tank top will do! But if it is quite chilly on the outside, we recommend that you wear a kimono over it. You will surely look every inch like a boho babe!

Truly, not everyone will fall in love with this trend. It is unconventional and will require huge amounts of courage to be tried on. However, it is also the most comfortable and versatile trend out there. So if you would like to try out this trend, we recommend that you follow the tips that we have mentioned above. If you have more comments, suggestions and styling tips, please do post them in the comment section!

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