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Different Ways To Wear Lace Skirt

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lace skirt

Before, lace is only used in wedding gowns and other formal dresses but now, it has become mainstream. Almost every lady has a lace adorned piece of clothing in their closet (don’t try lying! We know you have!). However, not all of the women who owns this delicate piece of clothing has an idea on how to wear it. Sure, it’s cute, it’s elegant but how can you wear a lace skirt casually?

Well, don’t you worry! Our mission here is to help you find the perfect look for that perfect skirt of yours. In fact, here are some of the ideas that we have thought of.

Keep it travel-friendly.

Yes, you can wear your lace skirts in one of your city trips but first, you have to pair it with the right pieces of clothing. What do we have in mind, you may ask? Well, we are thinking something like the usual jetsetter outfit—white top, lace skirt, open chambray button down, scarf around the neck      and oversized sunnies. For the footwear, of course, you can wear the very popular white sneakers.

Keep it beach-ready.

Heading to the beach? Do not forget to bring your lace skirt with you! If you are wondering how you can wear such an elegant formal looking skirt to the beach, we recommend that you opt for a much less structured type of lace skirt--  a maxi lace skirt. After all, this is a lot flowy and less formal looking. Pair it with a tube top and a wide brimmed hat and you will certainly look every inch like a beach goddess.

Take it to the office.

You can also wear your lace skirt to the office! You can simply turn your favorite skirt into a corporate one by pairing it with a dark colored top and an office blazer. Of course, do not forget to put on a pair of sexy looking pumps (in bright red, if you want more attention!). Now, go and make your office your runway!

Keep it simple.

Yes, your lace skirt can look simple too. In fact, you can use it to achieve the perfect street style. What’s in our mind? Well, we are thinking cool girl meets elegance by pairing your lace skirt with plain shirt in neutral color. Use a belt with gold or silver accent to cinch the waist and make the outfit look edgy. Finish off your look with either a pair of high boots or black pumps. You can also carry an oversized clutch or a bag with chain handle. 

So, did you find the best look for your lace skirt? We sure hope you did! But if you still have some questions or maybe you are an expert lace skirt wearer, then maybe you have few more suggestions and recommendations on how to wear a lace skirt. We will be glad to hear from you in the comments section!

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