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Jewellery and accessories are a favorite and popular amongst people of all age groups, cultures and countries.
It’s something about a touch of bling that makes it impossible to resist the urge to indulge in beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery. Body piercings and jewellery go hand in hand.
Be it earrings or the raging trend of septum rings, men and women all over the world display their love for piercings with poise and panache.
Septum rings have existed for decades but their popularity has grown manifolds in the recent times as  septum piercing history can tell.
More and more women and men are seen sporting trendy and beautiful septum rings.

Gold Septum Ring Advantages

Gold septum rings have seen an immense surge in number of interested buyers.
This is probably because gold was and will always be the most trusted choice of material.
The danger of infections or other irritations is completely negated when choosing to wear a gold septum ring over other materials. It’s the purest material and of course it looks beautiful too! Rose gold septum rings have a distinctive charm and elegance, and many famous celebrities have been spotted sporting them too!

Real Solid Gold Septum Ring 16g
Model - Perfect Natascha Pedersen
Septum Ring - Cool Breeze Solid 14 k Gold

Brief History of Septum Piercing

While the trend of sporting septum rings is generally considered as new age and edgy, this has actually been a trend that goes way back in history.
Native American tribes and several other cultures have always included septum rings as a part of their culture.
In fact, there were very few, if any, people from these tribes who did not have septum piercings.
Surprisingly, septum piercings are probably older than nostril piercings. The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans wore septum rings in gold or even used animal tuskers and other materials for their septum rings. It had a religious significance attached to it. Tibet, India and Nepal are other countries that include septum rings as a part of their culture.

Well, whatever the history may be, one cannot deny that septum rings look really fashionable and trendy.
It gets the wearer instant attention and can really make one stand out.
There will always be some who are for and some against the trend but then every element of fashion is like that! So if you have been considering buying a septum ring, get yourself a 14k gold septum ring- it’s durable, reliable, looks great and will offer you a lifetime of style! We are all for this edgy trend,
How about you?
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